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How to easily repair “womenish” problems

Smart tips for a fashion girl

Special tip: We all know that Vaseline is a favorite beauty product that can help us in many beauty crisis. Besides Vaseline, Vodka is an also  useful non-fashion fix for revitalizing your favorite pieces. Mix a small amount of vodka with water, and spray it onto vintage or pre-worn clothing to remove unwanted odors and even give your favorite sunglasses a little polish.

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Style icon…for women over 50s

Stylish at every age

Muse to Karl Lagerfeld. The face of France. Supermodel. Inès de la Fressange is every bit the ultimate style icon. Though she is certainly an icon for everyone, not just older women, given the media’s fascination with pretty young things, we thought we’d highlight her style as the perfect inspiration for ladies of a certain age.

1. Statement shoes

2. Layering necklaces.

3. Blazers, cropped or not.

4. Pair plaid, gingham and stripes.

5. Use color in details and accessories.

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Just..leave your hat on!

The hat “DOs” for the hot seasons!

For this Spring and Summer you will witness some comebacks from last year, but also you will find interesting some hats that come from the 70s. From our beloved panamas, that are casual and ideal for fashionizers to cool fedoras, vintage inspired cloches, bucket hats, straw styles, floppies, knitted beanies, berets, visors, snapbacks and more.

Tip: Keep them bright, big and feminine. All in all, stylish hat is a must-have when it comes to accessorising your outfit

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Two of the major trends of the season

Jumpsuits and Culottes, are you ready?

If you were still dreaming on the 70’s to wear your favorite jumpsuit, we have great news for you: the trend is back and it’s here to stay. This iconic item has been reinvented with a new modern energy to fit this Spring Summer 2015! On the other hand we have culottes whic are also intimidating pieces to pull off- we love the interesting patterns and the vivid colors. So put the two together and you’ve got quite the challenge.

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Distressed looks

Jeans, pants, shorts, jumpsuits…take a number

1. A distressed baggy jean looks great with a pair of neon heels, or nude and a signigicant envelope bag.

2. The tunic shirts that are half tucked in look amazing with black distressed pants and not only. They are a nice and easy solution to be at the same time elegant and sexy.

3. Tha flats look great with skinny distressed jeans, which you can match them with shirts. Remember we love white…because it is classy and glowing!

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Water in love

Enjoy the amazing Louboutin collection

For the lady out there who sees heels as more than something you put on, but rather a part of who you are, our Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook is just for you. Shot by photographer Peter Lippmann, Water in Love suggests that one should never take off their Louboutins – even in the bath.Uniting a spectrum of references, colours, and textures, featuring elegant fringing, bejewelled beauty, and aquatic themes throughout, the collection draws inspiration across culture, from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita to the art and architecture of the American Southwest. And with the debut of all-new technical innovations like a wavy “Mirage” stiletto, a seductive cutaway toe, and just a bit of borrowing from the boys, the question you’ll be asking yourself this spring won’t be what to wear – but when to take it off.

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Take a hint of the Autumn collection

louboutin 2015 autumn


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Colourful&inspirational designs

“Paranoia” comes again to define our looks!!

Maxi dresses, casual- chic jumpsuits, pastel colors, charming blazers, nautical inspirations, denim love stories, fabrics that highlight your figure and well structured designs that enhance your style and update your look for this Spring and Summer. The amazing Greek brand feels the women needs and translates them with creativity and uniqness. A brand that has the answer for girls and women who want to be at the same time sexy and sophisticated, casual and chic. It is sure that you will fall in love with many pieces of the new collection!

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