Star look

The new Greek Goddess

Gisele goes nude for the Vogue May issue



Vogue Brazil’s May 2015 cover, as rumors circulated Gisele Bundchen was set to front the issue in conjunction with the title’s 40th anniversary. Not only does the issue mark a celebratory occasion for Brazilian Vogue but Gisele’s successful career hits a momentous two-decade spot this year also. Enjoy!

Spring 2015, Steal the style, style

Spring edition

Cause it’s hot and then cold…

Spring is tricky, the minute you want to wear your crop top and your shorts, the same minute you get cold and purple. How you deal with it? An easy solution, is to layer your outfits. Lightweight layers—they’ll ensure that you’re always prepared no matter how indecisive spring weather may be. To inspire you, we rounded up some got to do looks.

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“Metamorphosis” begins…

Beautiful, unique, inspirational handmade treats by Zoe Kompitsi 

style your kompitsi piece

A special artist reveals her new inspirational collection. Zoe Kompitsi, is a brand name that captures your senses, as soon as you see the first pieces of her creations. Bohemian, elegant, artistic, fresh, colorful, chic and so greek. For ladies and gentleman  Zoe Kompitsi creates positive energy “shots” for our accessorizing passsion. She is a girl with fantasy and ”chic and greek” style. Find her collections and enjoy wearing them. From the first time i saw her ”evil eye” bracelets i really loved them! Check the new Spring- Summer collection, which is full with “euphoria”, “eulogy”, “eudaemonia”, “pathos” and “sea treasure”.

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Futuristic shades only for you

A “super” trend since 2007

Established by brothers Daniel and Simon Beckerman, alongside fashion photographer Sean Michael Beolchini, Italian eyewear label Super has made a name for itself in the industry with premium handmade frames and unique styles that manage to walk the line between retro and futuristic. Besides eyewear they also design unique i-phone cases.

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Pangaea & Panthalassa

Resort ’15 collection has everything

Mary Katrantzou, the greek designer that has quickly made her presence known in the fashion world with her hyper-real and paradisiacal print. She is known because she loves prints and creative design solutions and she always shows a wonderful play of intricate beadwork, appliqués and various clashing fabrics, putting them together like a pro and always coming up with the unimagined and ethereal.

about the bags 

Each bag is emblazoned with a letter of the alphabet and an abstract, colorful print that interprets the letter graphically. Visual themes range from Pop Art to Pointillism to Art Deco and were originally conceived for a virtual art exhibition Katrantzou collaborated on with ArtStack last fall. Each bag retails for $1,070.

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Who said lego isn’t for women?

Lego bricks “play” with your outfits 

They may be made from children’s toys, but the bags themselves are downright stylish and I want one! Using real LEGO bricks, they handcraft each bag and clutch using a satin interior with the bricks laid out on top, attached to it. Each brick is connected to each other but the bag still remains flexible. They made sure that the way they’re connected, the bricks will never fall off.

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Mitos collection

This is a charming “Fairytale” collection

MITOS tempts you to follow its colourful thread to that magical place where tradition adorns fashion. Right where the folk art and heritage of long-existing embroidery techniques unfold, taking style to the next level through the establishment of a unique, artistic and sensual trend true to its philosophy.

MITOS combines embroidery traditions with modern patterns to create swimwear for women, beachwear and beach accessories that enhance the level of personal expression and style. Its high-end swimwear reflect the diversity of regions and cultures through intricate embroidery stiches and exquisite patterns of design as evident in its strapless bikini, triangle bikini, Brazilian bikini, Brazilian bottom and tanga bottom collections that complement the woman’s figure. Influenced by the intriguing stories of mythology, the company’s logo pictures the labyrinth from the classical myth of Ariadne’s thread while a closer look reveals a symbol of a rose, representation of femininity and boldness. The implicit mystery and confidence of the brand are literally underlined by a needle, the ultimate symbol of embroidery.