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Christmas giveaway

Win A Fluo Tablet🎄🎁!!!
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Snapchat spectacles

Wearable tech 


Their built-in camera captures 10 second clips of users daily life in a circular field of view similar to the human eye and can connect to snapchat via Bluetooth. They also come with a re-chargeable case. The $129 funky sunglasses glasses allow users to take short, first-person videos and post them to Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging platform. According to Snapchat parent company Snap, the glasses will be sold in a limited quantity.

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Brush your teeth & dazzle with the whiteness

Ready for the glare smile? 

glaresmile colors

The first toothbrush that automatically ensures the correct brushing technique in just 10 seconds, saving time, improving oral health. You can brush your teeth easier and in a more productive way. Did i mention that you can connect glaresmile to your smart phone, in order to check your children’s daily cleaning and also you can send the statistics to your dentist- now that is something new!


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Shine with your smile

Mr and Mrs are shining with their white smile from Mr and Mrs Pearl 

Whitening express for the wedding. With the pleasant treatment «Pearl me» your smile will rediscover the pure white natural color having whiten up to 6 tons without collateral damage.
The procedure is completely painless and the result will reward you. Trust we…it happened to me and i am ready to dazzle you with my beautiful smile! The ultimate experience for the first time in Greece, is happening now!!!

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Cycle for girls

Unique bicycles for fashionable ladies 

steal the steal

The first one is the wooden Coco-mat. This minimalistic bikes is almost entirely made out of oak trees from Greece. For every bike sold, a tree will be planted and 150 euro will be donated to the Johan Cruijff Foundation.

The Cardboard bike, was invented by Izhar Garni. Once the bike is folded and cut from cardboard, it is dipped into a proprietary organic solution to make it strong, waterproof and fireproof.

The last one is made for the road ladies. The Road is a remarkable design bike and a Roetz classic. Great for cruising the city, doing your groceries or just for a fun ride

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Beauty needs MILK

Evolutionary makeup products & more from this US brand

We have already talked about this trend…and we are so happy it is happening! Spray your nail polish, nice, easy and fabulous! The best with this is that you don’t need to have a steady hand or manixure skills, you just need your MILK. milk spray on nail polish

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The “milk girl” needs the following beauty products, which are easy to put on and to make yourself look beautiful but in a natural way. They are refreshing, playful and perfect for olive skins!


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The new case and Beyonce

Light me up with Ty lite

Beyonce’s stylist, Ty Hunter, has just the ticket – his own self-designed Ty-Lite phone case. The phone case basically uses the same principle as those  iconic Hollywood mirrors with lightbulbs all around them, but unlike the mirrors, it’s got a clever twist. You can set the lights to cool, warm or brilliant, depending on what your selfie needs. And in case you were wondering, yes, the case will still protect your phone from damage.

Where to buy it

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Be a fashion i-queen

Top 10 stylish tech accessories 

From Motorola’s gorgeous smartwatch that’ll help you locate your driver to a solar-powered phone charger that’ll come in handy in between shows. Check out the most most -have fashionable gadgets.

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