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Create memories with luxury scents

Meet the unique Sandrine & Jo fragrances 

body wash and body lotion

The special with Sandrine and Jo’s collection is that each scent has its own personality. Hand-poured candles, made from 100% top-quality natural soya, gently release a delicate fragrance to lift your spirits and change your mood in 1,2,3. A scent has the magical touch and make your feel better, calmer, cleaner and fresher.

The collections you can choose from are Dusk to Dawn and Greek Country Side. The Dusk to Dawn carry a mystical scent, along with a romantic sunset touch. You can choose from the summerish Ocean Breeze, the fresh Pure Vanilla, the calm Sandalwood mystery, the revitalising Cinnamon & Cedarwood and the “stress fade away” White Tea & Ginger. The Greek Countryside carry a mysterious and inspiring aroma. You can choose from the goddish Faskomilo, the soar Giasemi, the gentle Levanda, the refreshing Portokalia and the devine Rodon.

body wash and bath towels

You can find them in Bed&Bath and also in exclusive pharmacy stores. If you want to purchase them in an alternative easy way then you can order them with a call, and the products will show in your doorstep with the delivery service.

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