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Smell your memories

The Perfume lab opened in Pagrati 

Every day has it’s own smell, so when you look back you will definitely recall the memory of the moment that passed. In The Perfume Lab you can discover a different proposal of the world fragrances. The quality and the lasting perfumes that are created here are familiar to us, since they play an imitation game with well known perfumes around the world. The bottles used are filled once, in order to ensure that the scent of the perfume will last until the last spray.

The stylish packages reflect the care at every stage of production, from the essence to the box! You can find more than 200 fragrances for women and over 150 for men. We have to add here that all of them belong to the eau de parfum category,and are produced through processes and specificationsthat ensure endurance, preparation accuracy and safety.

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