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Styling tips for our men

Without a doubt, when you see a man who has an interesting in fashion and creates fashion, you tend to be a little suspicious but with a touch of admiration, because you sure like what your eyes are witnessing, but the stereotypes sometimes don’t. Fashion, has a fusion part in our life, it upgrades it when we are open to grasp the opportunity and take the role. Either you want to be the casual, casual chic, hipster, metrosexual, athletic, type…you can find a way to adjust it, if you have it in you. Don’t pressure anything because it is going to be a disaster, “small steps for men, one giant leap for fashion”:

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3571ada7d6daee8ba5631332686f09d7 The fashion icon #nickwooster follow him

6ac67bfc0a5ffda93361385b3bd2b88d Style for every age…magnetic look!

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