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October looks

Just to inspire…we’ve selected some outfits for now 

The power suit, the plaid blazer…the turtleck, the monochromatic look are some of the trends that you will fall for this October. Embrace the combination, long dress and your precious adidas pair.., say yes to layering and play with vibrant colors on your accessories.

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The next best thing in the sneaker world

Bye Bye Stan Smith’s, hello Nike Cortez

It is understandable that fashion makes cycles, after the huge comeback of the Stan Smith’s, now according to Vogue we have another one, which are the Nike Cortez. You can style them in the exact same way, as you did with your favorite pair of adidas shoes. Think out of the box and mix and match. They come to many colors, and they start from 70$.

Fall/Winter 15-16, fashion, Steal the style, trends

How to match your suede skirt

The button up mini skirt..we all want to wear

match your suede skirt

As you can see this skirt is not just a privilege for skinny girls, but can be worn from sexy non skinny ladies. The suede mini skirt is the trend piece of the season, that came from the summer and keeps on inspiring great outfits.

See where you can find an interesting suede skirt


Color, Fall/Winter 15-16, fashion, Steal the style, street style, trends, women

Steal the style

The street looks we are dying to copy

A. The grey is the new you have to own a jacket, a blazer, a cardigan or a cape in this color.

B. The leather jacket and the lace shoes – heels are such a huge take it serious or pass.

C. The suede- majesty is a fact and something that you can’t run or hid from it. Embrace it to your stylish outfits and feel like a million dollar baby!

Last but not least..the look i adore and is not a street style material, but i would love to see a woman wearing it all day long!

maxi patterned dress

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