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Kendall’s secret for acne

Acne- fighting solution with products you already have

kendall jenner

One thing is for sure, acne ruins your self-esteem, that is why when you suffer from it, you are constantly anxious if it is going to appear again. Kendall Jenner suffered from acne, and now she decided to share a new video to the ‘KENDIY’ section.

kendall jenner skin To combat blemishes, she uses either Skinoren, acne skin cream, or a simple solution of lemon, baking soda and honey. According to the video, baking soda mixed with lemon has the ability to dry out pimples while honey soothes irritation. She stirs 1/2 teaspoon of squeezed lemon, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of honey into a well-mixed paste. Kendall then dabs it onto any problem areas and rinses off in ten minutes.


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The snow-white sneakers

“Sneak” your outfits up

Since the adidas superstar made a huge comeback last year, the sneaker mania is still on, and now it has color, the white color. You can match it with all your outfits, from day to night, and you can even go out for a date, wearing your favorite pair of white ones. Check out to see what is going on in the “white” sneakers fashion!

And if it is not all white to you…

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Stop acne now

New products that are worth trying

Meet azelaic acid! From personal experience i have to say that azalaic acid works. I have to also mention that you can find alot of natural ways to deal with acne, if it is at the start (lemon, honey, black sugar, are some of the products you can find in every house). This acid is definitely one you should know (and use). Why? It’s a unique hybrid of skin brightener and acne fighter. .