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The bomb bags..for Spring

Inspire the others & show them how 2 style 


From teeny-tiny mini bags to oversize style bags, that is what is going to happen during 2017. Little details like handles and hardware make these feel special for the ladies who know how to style.

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“Mesh” it up

The black mesh effect 

Either it is white or black the “eye let” trend, seems to gain even more followers as the summer comes closer. Worn all-over or a as a single piece, mesh is this season’s answer to graphic sportswear. Banded across the chest on a top or a dress, the sheer fabric gives a suggestive allure, partly revealing and partly concealing what lies beneath. From swimwear to haute couture.

Alexander Wang’s Spring Collection

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H&M collaboration with Alexander Wang

Feminine sport themed collection 

He is only 24 years old and he already has a brand name which is quite huge in the fashion industry. We ara talking about the talented Mr Alexander Wang, who is a rising designer for both women and men.

“I wanted to create a collection where most of the pieces have been designed from scratch. Rather than creating affordable versions of expensive items, I wanted to design true performance pieces that are within the natural price points of sportswear of H&M, so we were able to create the best version of these pieces, through our vocabulary,” he said when the partnership was announced. You will find a variaty of dresses, jumpsuits, matching sets, jackets, shoes, belts, bags, legging, boxing shorts and more. Be ware of tha date, because the time has come, November 6th is the day that Alexander will put a spell on us.

The following is a short film that celebrates the collaboration that is about to be released. Enjoy it.