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Pink passion

The flamingo effect!

From birthday cakes, to interior design and from cute accessories to skirts and dresses that have something to say! This trend is here to upgrade our summer outfits!

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The hot pom pom trend

From our bags to our sneakers…we love it!

Ever since Fendi introduced the furry friend as the designer accessory of the season (in a keychain), the pom-pom has made its way onto sweaters, stilettos, and necklaces. And most recently, on the tops of everyone’s favorite slip-on sneaker styles, from budget-friendly brands like Zara and Topshop to high-end boutiques.

1.The slip on sneaker with pom pom details

2. The pom pom influence in the bag world



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Must have bags

Zara lovers…get ready!

1.Corset shaped leather crossbody bag

2. Ecru macrame mini backpack

3. Multi coloured pineapple crossbody bag

4. Black and white pineapple

5. Multicolour bucket bag

6. Pink fabrick backpack


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Do you know the new it bags?

Well now you do!

Take a look of the colorful and structured it bags that will be our best friend during the following months.

1.The elephant statement bag

2. The circle straw bag

3. Stickers and playful eyes by Anya Hindmarch

4. The mini- socute_notpractical- bags

5.Can’t get you out of my mind…gucci bag

6.The classic choices, with a modern twist

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Do it like Beckham

Elegant and luxurious accessories 


Victoria is making the biggest style departure with her new line, as she is clearly championing furry totes and clutch bags for next winter, but wearing them now!

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Top 6 Asos pieces

The best selling statement items  

1.Velvet boots



2. Gingham shirt


3. Padded jacket


4. Posh padded long jacket


5. See through dress


6. Calvin Klein comeback

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Two trends in one piece

Velvet backpack by Lynne

The it accessory of this Fall is your backpack. You can make it more funky by adding pins.

Find it here

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A must have limited collection

Fenty X Puma by Rihanna 


Rihanna tends to be marked as a fashion girl and not so much as a singer. This girl has become the Creative Director, of Puma and fuses her independent approach to music and fashion, her love of Japanese street culture, and the sport-driven design of PUMA. The collection launched in the stores on September 7th.

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Zara love

Top fashionable statement bags 

quilted chain backpack

Zara’s bag collection is just amazing. From velvet backpacks to tassel leather ones and from texted crossbody to bottle scarfed crossbody, everything you want is here.

Order online

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Artistic lights by Adidas Originals

Rita Ora’s new collection

asian style rita ora

A vibrant apparel and footwear range that includes the ZX Flux, Tubular Defiant and more.

Vivid colors and music are the main inspirations of this collection. Skinny pencil skirts and leggings make use of the allover prints or feature cutaway sections instead, while shorts sport clear nylon overlays. Multicolored patterns, like if you are participating in the Color day festival. You can find them in the stores from the 1st of April.

See the 26 products here

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Upcycled greek accessories

“Salty bags”, handmade stories that sail to us from Corfu 

kimolos backpack boops

Many questions are raised from this inspiration that has been created from three young greeks, Stratis Andreadis, Spyros Daikos, Chryssa Chalikiopoulou. The three very talented people decided to sail their way in fashion. Recycled sails are turned into unique fashion items, that carry their story, since they are made from sailcloth that has traveled around the world. Each cloth that has been used in these unique bags, has it’s story and when the bag arrives to us, there is a book inside which inform us about the journey of our special piece. You can find a variety of collections, such as psarou, classic, boops, overcast and the Road 2 Rio (inspiration from Rio 2016).

Inspiration, imagination , creation are the main cornestones for upcycling. In order to tranform something you have to love it and the three “sailors” love to create magnificent accessories.



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An amazing Migato event

The brand striked fashionably

Ladies and gents #fosgeneration is introduced!!

Stylish accessories, metallic details, upgraded designs and fashion icon attitude is included in this greek brand.

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Be a pink woman

Our personal interests from this greek brand 

Every product has its way to find us…stylish pieces from the Spring collection. I’ve got to say that this greek brand amused me mostly in the accessorizing part.

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Me and my monkey

Fashionable inspirations for the year 

It’s not only we and our monkeys, but for this year, monkeys have inspired designers all over the world, since according to China (Happy new year by the way)and the Chinese zodiac, those born in the year of the monkey are mischievous, clever and stylish. Check out some of the finest inspirations and let yourself decide if you will own something with donkey kong on it.

We couldn’t talk for the monkeys and not recall this song

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Trust the Zini style

A greek brand that creates and proposes fashion 

zini look

From leather jackets to casual cardigans and from structured dresses to unique skirts. Fringe skirts, bags and coats are having their way to enter our wardrobe. Follow the Zini style and create one of a kind street styles!

Our personal favs

The ultimate black jumpsuit and the structured see-through skirt!!

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Join the natargeorgiou world

A greek- cypriot match..that creates one of a kind pieces 

2 the point

The brand was founded in 2012.

2 designers, Dimos Natar and Andreas Georgiou.

Their signature cutting edge knitted material is the foundation of their designs.

Their work has been featured in editorials of many publications worldwide such as Vogue China , Vogue Italia ,Vogue Hellas , L’Officiel , Elle Spain , Harper’s Bazaar and many more

They refer to their designs as “second skin”, that shows the best of our body, by complimenting and seducing everyone.

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