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Best waterproof make up

Look your best during summer time

When summer comes, you manage to look vibrant and shinny, until your foundation melts away…and that doesn’t look as you requested. The best waterproof products according to are here and you are about to check them out and try them.

About the eyes

About the foundation and blush

About the lips

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12 cream blushes

Rogue your cheeks with the very best blushes!

Summer is here, which means it’s time to trade your powder blush for a sheer, glow-giving cream formula. The following are ideal for the summer, where we sweat. Peach, cool pink, romantic rose, pink coral and more.

Tip: The Chanel Cream Blush is a  cream formula, which Los Angeles makeup artist Jeannia Robinette uses on the star Gwyneth Paltrow and quotes that it “melts into skin beautifully.


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You make me “blush”

Romantic, sexy and elegant styles

The color that is at the same time chic and sexy, welcomes you for one more season. The blush- nude- pink dust colors are goinf to be our safe choice to make an outfit look just amazing. Even when we are tanned, it is a choice that comes after the classy white, but still makes us look sophisticated, romantic and elegant. Check out some of everyday looks, that show you how to mix and match the blush pieces.


Take a look to some it blush items that are seriously out of our budget