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Precious stones for precious women

Women are always in a quest seeking to find the most stylish thing to wear, that combines uniqueness, style and a fashionista atittude. Mano libera, “liberates” us and gives us the choice to find bracelets, earrings, necklaces with crystals, filntisi, beads and semi precious stones.

First step is to find your favorite designer, which most of the times creates a one of a kind thing, since it is handcrafted. The second step is to place your order by visiting the following instagram profile.

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Beachy mood

A jewelry trend you can’t resist

Embellished shells everywhere. Choose the one you like and make a statement with your summer outfits!

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Find the perfect match

Your watch has it’s own accessory!!

speedometer official spectacular

Speedometer has  designed a collection of bangles that use the same design as the famed Rolex Oyster watch bezels. Find some fine ways to endorse this stylish and interesting trend. Besides the bracelets, the italian brand has created cufflinks, polo shirts, belts, pens and more.

We first saw them here  in L’atelier D’horlogerie Kiamos, the master of watches

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Sofia Kokosalaki launches jewellery

The cool and edgy creations of a greek fashion goddess

The collection, comprises earrings, cuffs, upper-arm and wrist bracelets, pendants and rings with secret compartments, is crafted from wrought Grecian gold, gold-plated silver and freshwater pearls.

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Handmade accessorizing from bohojo

Bohemian  jewelry from a talented greek artist 

Customized thread jewelry, that share a little something from our friendship stories. Colorful, tasteful, unique designs for bohemian girls, which know how to cherish the past, through a modern and fashionable touch!

A march bracelet…different from the others martis

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“Metamorphosis” begins…

Beautiful, unique, inspirational handmade treats by Zoe Kompitsi 

style your kompitsi piece

A special artist reveals her new inspirational collection. Zoe Kompitsi, is a brand name that captures your senses, as soon as you see the first pieces of her creations. Bohemian, elegant, artistic, fresh, colorful, chic and so greek. For ladies and gentleman  Zoe Kompitsi creates positive energy “shots” for our accessorizing passsion. She is a girl with fantasy and ”chic and greek” style. Find her collections and enjoy wearing them. From the first time i saw her ”evil eye” bracelets i really loved them! Check the new Spring- Summer collection, which is full with “euphoria”, “eulogy”, “eudaemonia”, “pathos” and “sea treasure”.

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Layers everywhere

The popular trend on instagram…

Besides thw clothe-layering, and the hair-layers, from last year we embraces the jewlery layering, with pendants, and not only. This year we witness the same trend, that is also extensioned in the rings and bracelets.

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Zoe Kompitsi, art in jewlery

Hot now in the jewlery world 

Inspirational handmade jewlery from a Greek designer who knows how to combine unique designs and happy thoughts. Zoe Kompitsi is well known to us from the trend-setting macramé bracelets. For this season she goes a step forward and as you can see you will be captivated from the combination of colorful cotton thread and semi-precious beads. Her trademark is the “eye”, which is known to the Greek people and encloses religion significance. As she quotes “the eye is nit just the evil eye…it’s our souls mirror. I have three beloved children. Their eyes are the warmest and the purest. So this reminds me that i should have everyone close to us, love,warmth, smile, clear eyes, this is ultimately what makes our life more beautiful and solving our provlems easily.” Zoe Kompitsi creates jewelry that is inspired by symbols that bring about good luck and positive energy. She is a girl that dares to dream and is known to the fashion industry as a Greek/ chic designer who creates fresh, simple, elegant and bohemian jewlery.


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Overdo it with your jewlery

How to wear your rings, necklaces, bracelets…, keepers and loosers!

Chains, pendants, layering, leather, pearl, locks,  feathers and more trends are here for you. It’s time to get creative with your jewellery and the way you wear your rings and not only. Dainty just won’t do. And bling just isn’t in anymore. Yes, it’s about making a “statement” but not in the solo, one-piece sense. Personalize your style and be a combination between a bohemian and a elegant lady, who knows what she wears and why.  Play with the shapes and colours, mix silver  and gunmetal, have fun and update your image without even trying enough.