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Are you ready to sparkle?

Top 6 ways to “glam” your hair like a pro


From rainbow hair, to rainbow roots and from that to glitter roots and more.

Shine with your smile and your hair..make a statement


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Sexy inspiring hairstyles to try

Star looks inspire us to make the difference 

From half hair to fishtail buns and from origami pigtails to side knots.

The accessories are back, black ribbons and hair tattoos are seriously a major hit.

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Twist your hair

Smart and easy ideas to stay always stylish 

Let yourself to bond with alarm’s snooze button and swap hair secrets, that doesn’t pressure you to wash your hair.

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Top hair trends

3 styles to fall for

Half bun

Modern shag

Braid and twist

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Easy & long lasting hairstyles

Summer-ish hot hairstyles 

Easy to do braids, buns and ponytails. They are what we need for our two days camping trip, or for a relaxing weekend.


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Put a bun…on you

  Classy, sexy and chic! 

It’s an easy way to style your look and welcome Spring! Impressive hairstyles that are at the same time beautiful and easy to DIY.

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Morning hairstyles

5 minutes..and you are ready

It is Monday, you get up from your bed very very hard, and now you have to look your best. Check the following hairstyles that can be succeeded in just 5 minutes. 1. Upside-down half bun, 2. The messy low bun, 3.  Bobby pin art, 4. Braid in braid, 5. Barely there braid, 6.  Connect the braids and 7. Voluminous low pony.