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Summer gadgets

Stay nice and cool with the best gadgets of this summer 

Summer’s all about unplugging at the beach, not tinkering with new gadgets. However, it’s come to our attention that there are some seriously cool tech toys on the market right now that can actually make the coming months more fun.

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A state of art camera


A Camera in a Moncler Coat

For the release of Moncler’s customized Leica X camera, which wraps the powerful point-and-shoot in the outfitter’s signature colors, the French art director and Interview Magazine editorial director Fabien Baron photographed the icebergs of Greenland, lit up “like monsters” against ink-black skies. Braving subzero temperatures and with nothing but frigid waters below, Baron used a series of strobes to give a cinematic heft to the massive structures, which can span several times the size of Manhattan and are prone to break off at any time. “It was a production,” he says of the multiboat setup that brought him dangerously close to the icebergs, “but it was worth it.”