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Spotted prints

The leopard trend is a classy choice 

The top 6 leopard  items that fashion girls are wearing


1. The statement coat with the red gucci bag


2. Printed booties give a funky attitude to your look


3. The african style pants..that every woman should have


4. The zipper skirt


5. The accessory that gives an interesting twist to your style


6. The artistic side of leopard style


I am already in love with the following!

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Home styling volume 1

Meet “Pennie” a greek brand that monopolized me 


So since i am in a house hunting situation, i decided to find some home styles that will help me find the perfect house for me. In this search, i found how to “accessorize” my house with the perfect texiles, prints and more. Ready? You will find everything! Blankets, rugs, curtains, pouf, quilts, soaps, tailor made towels, sous plat and everything for your baby.

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Interior trends

Scandinavian touches in the deco world

We all want our houses to look something like the following photos. The thing is that we sometime overdo it, and tend to loose our house identity, by mix and matching to many trends. From the blackboards, that they will always have a place in our…home, the new “scandinavian” trends remind us to love the grey color, the blue and the glorious white. The wooden effect, which is spotted in chairs, walls and tables is a touch that gives warmness in our nest. Embrace the graphic calendars, the tape, the tents, the slatted walls and the classy big paper lanterns.

Some of the following are Ikea and H&M products