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Do it like Beckham

Elegant and luxurious accessories 


Victoria is making the biggest style departure with her new line, as she is clearly championing furry totes and clutch bags for next winter, but wearing them now!

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Fashion&aesthetics by Tr3is

Top 3 fashion pieces by 


We love these girls, since they are always working in something new, stylish and unique. One of a kind statement pieces, which you can order online or send them a message on facebook and book an appointment. We have to highlight here, that every fashion accessory you see, is handmade!

1.The minimal must have leather clutch


2. The oxford shoes…which will become your favorite pair of shoes


3. The -you are jealous i own them- suede V boots


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Baroque architecture

Concept bags from Konstantin Kofta 

The Arxi collection S/S 16

Natural forms and curves are applicable to human architectures. Baroque architecture inspiration where regular designs gave way to curves, dramatic shapes and decoration was transferred to sculptural leather Kofta pieces to evoke sensual delight.

The Drama collection F/W 16-17

Time is elusive and irrevocable: the flower than won’ t be smelled again; the animal that won’ t be seen by the next generations; the work of a genius that was washed away by the time. Natural creations are disappearing, slipping away and we are not in power to return it.

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Upcycled greek accessories

“Salty bags”, handmade stories that sail to us from Corfu 

kimolos backpack boops

Many questions are raised from this inspiration that has been created from three young greeks, Stratis Andreadis, Spyros Daikos, Chryssa Chalikiopoulou. The three very talented people decided to sail their way in fashion. Recycled sails are turned into unique fashion items, that carry their story, since they are made from sailcloth that has traveled around the world. Each cloth that has been used in these unique bags, has it’s story and when the bag arrives to us, there is a book inside which inform us about the journey of our special piece. You can find a variety of collections, such as psarou, classic, boops, overcast and the Road 2 Rio (inspiration from Rio 2016).

Inspiration, imagination , creation are the main cornestones for upcycling. In order to tranform something you have to love it and the three “sailors” love to create magnificent accessories.



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An amazing Migato event

The brand striked fashionably

Ladies and gents #fosgeneration is introduced!!

Stylish accessories, metallic details, upgraded designs and fashion icon attitude is included in this greek brand.

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The denim know how for the fall

What is in and what is out 

Starting with the flare jeans

Frayed edges are happening

Top jean accessories

stella mccartney falabella zigarette cross body bag

Find it here

tom ford patchwork sandal

Find it here

You should also consider to add in your looks the wide- leg ankle skimmers, which look like tha major summer trend, culottes.

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Embroidered pieces

Extravagant bohemian styles

The trend wants the things to be a little bit more extravagant, more embellished, more embroidered, with more craftsmanship and texture. The trend is not new, but it will be huge the next season.

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Salty bags made in Corfu

Upcycled hand-crafted travel goods 

The idea:  Discarded, retired and decommissioned sails are collected and given to them new life and new value by turning them into unique, elegant and long lasting items. Every Salty Bag is designed with its future use in mind. Current models are designed to be broken down into our future models so we constantly use less and less raw material.

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The glorious white

Elegant, chic white pieces 

From deco pieces to fashionable must have pieces, that upgrade your wardrobe and gives you a chic touch in every appearance. White on white is a safe choice but you have to add colorful details that will makie the difference.



Conversational fashion pieces

Send a message with your clothes 

Banana Republic and many other brands, know that style speaks, that’s why they decided to help women talk threw their accessories. From shirts and sneakers (converse) to clutches and handbags.

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You make me “blush”

Romantic, sexy and elegant styles

The color that is at the same time chic and sexy, welcomes you for one more season. The blush- nude- pink dust colors are goinf to be our safe choice to make an outfit look just amazing. Even when we are tanned, it is a choice that comes after the classy white, but still makes us look sophisticated, romantic and elegant. Check out some of everyday looks, that show you how to mix and match the blush pieces.


Take a look to some it blush items that are seriously out of our budget 

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The plexiglass effect

Handmade “savoir-faire” stories

Worldwide the Greek designer Urania Gazelli, has dazzled the fashion editors with her unique plexiglass clutch bags.image  The brand was founded in 2010 and since then she has followers around the world. The high aesthetic that each bag represents, is what it makes it so different and a must have piece. Playful, moderr, elagant and glamorous each bag caries a story and the moment tou lay eyes on it, it manages to capture you and to draw a smile in your face. That’s when you know that you want to own this totally it bag. Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan are some of the fashion bibles that spotted and mentioned this huge trend.

The ones that are inspired from cards are limited edition. Some of the above are from former seasons.