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Jen’s House is just amazing

Zen and Bali in Aniston’s house in Beverly Hills 

jen's home

“The making of the house was as significant to me as the living in it,” the former friend quoted that and we definetely put our signature next to hers.

Jennifer Aniston collaborated with interior designer Stephen Shadley to transform a 1970 residence by Harold W. Levitt in Beverly Hills into an inviting retreat where she hosts frequent gatherings.

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It feels cozy to me

Easy ways to really “feel like home”

From hanging curtains against the wall, to darker colored walls. Light a fire, cuddle in your sofa and feel loved in a place that hugs you, as soon as you step in.




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Home tour

A monochromatic home in Brooklyn 

Shalom’s Brooklyn home is an exercise in minimalism and restraint. “Jen was clear that she wanted to stick to an overall palette of whites and neutrals with black accents. We remained true to this throughout the process,” says Schwartz. The team played with layers, texture, and a juxtaposition of materials and shapes, creating a distinct sculptural coolness. They were inspired by everything from Scandinavian design to Paris apartments to California vibes.

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