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Eight factors for THE watch

How to choose a watch according to science

With all the different kinds of watches on the market, which will suit you the best? If you’re going to invest in a watch, it might as well look stylish and feel comfortable on your arm. Plus, it’s wise to invest in a watch that’ll last for years, regardless of how often you wear it.

When people talk about buying a watch, the first thing that comes to mind is style. Do you want a casual watch? A dress watch? Or a work watch? There are plenty of stylish options to choose from, and more! This also concludes the amount of money you’re willing to invest in your watch

What they say about buying watches is completely true. When you find the best watch for you, you’ll instantly fall in love with it and want nothing else. Research suggests that buyers are extra-protective about their watches. This is because a watch represents a person’s sense of style and sophistication to the world. A watch can be a good conversation starter and make a first good impression, so taking it lightly is not an option. (1)

Without any further ado, there are several factors for you to consider when you’re choosing a brand-new watch. This increases the watch’s value after you purchase them. And the same applies to its durability and efficiency in performance.
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Retro trend

Vintage up your wrist 

retro digital watch look

Retro watches are having their moment since the last year. For sure we love to wear watches that are new and make a statement since they upgrade our style, but the following watches carry something from our childhood, or something that is familiar since we saw it in the 80s movies. So apart from the fact they’re being worn by street style stars, hipsters, and fashion bloggers, these versions have a different twist from the ones that ruled the 80s, but somehow they look better since they are styled with current pieces.



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