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Golden girls

From yellow to gold…the trend is here!

Yellow isn’t always the easiest color to wear, but for fall, designers turned to more forgiving shades of goldenrod and saffron.

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Top 10 sunglasses

Vogue said so!

From the urban heart shaped frame to round glitter Dolce Gabbana ones and from flat top Celine to new wave Saint Laurent. Make a choice…!

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The hot pom pom trend

From our bags to our sneakers…we love it!

Ever since Fendi introduced the furry friend as the designer accessory of the season (in a keychain), the pom-pom has made its way onto sweaters, stilettos, and necklaces. And most recently, on the tops of everyone’s favorite slip-on sneaker styles, from budget-friendly brands like Zara and Topshop to high-end boutiques.

1.The slip on sneaker with pom pom details

2. The pom pom influence in the bag world



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Spring’s must have bag

Take a basket and go for a ride in the woods 

It seems as if your are heading for a romantic picnic in the central park, but when you pay attention to this it piece, you will understand that it is something more. It is a philosophy that comes in every shape.

Not only do we appreciate the fresh, youthful quality to these purses, but we also can’t help but get major Jane Birkin vibes looking at them.