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The ear- climber trend

Is this a rising trend or not?

Since celebs create fashion, we spotted this trend and we are informing you about it.


The latest trend has a name, it’s like something is climbing on your ear- suspender earrings. Recently worn by celebrities and influencers alike Gigi Hadid, Anna Kendrick and more.

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Caution…wearable art just arrived!

A new H&M experience 

The H&M design team who plunged into the archives at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs at the Louvre to draw inspiration for its S/S 16 Conscious Exclusive Collection. Wearable art in organic satin clothing that you can find online and in over 180 stores worldwide.

As H&M quotes in it’s website “For this year’s Conscious Exclusive collection we present new more sustainable materials, like Denimite, made of recycled denim, and material used in embellishments such as recycled glass and rhinestones”.

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Sofia Kokosalaki launches jewellery

The cool and edgy creations of a greek fashion goddess

The collection, comprises earrings, cuffs, upper-arm and wrist bracelets, pendants and rings with secret compartments, is crafted from wrought Grecian gold, gold-plated silver and freshwater pearls.

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Me and my monkey

Fashionable inspirations for the year 

It’s not only we and our monkeys, but for this year, monkeys have inspired designers all over the world, since according to China (Happy new year by the way)and the Chinese zodiac, those born in the year of the monkey are mischievous, clever and stylish. Check out some of the finest inspirations and let yourself decide if you will own something with donkey kong on it.

We couldn’t talk for the monkeys and not recall this song

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“Metamorphosis” begins…

Beautiful, unique, inspirational handmade treats by Zoe Kompitsi 

style your kompitsi piece

A special artist reveals her new inspirational collection. Zoe Kompitsi, is a brand name that captures your senses, as soon as you see the first pieces of her creations. Bohemian, elegant, artistic, fresh, colorful, chic and so greek. For ladies and gentleman  Zoe Kompitsi creates positive energy “shots” for our accessorizing passsion. She is a girl with fantasy and ”chic and greek” style. Find her collections and enjoy wearing them. From the first time i saw her ”evil eye” bracelets i really loved them! Check the new Spring- Summer collection, which is full with “euphoria”, “eulogy”, “eudaemonia”, “pathos” and “sea treasure”.

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Upgrade your spring outfits

Smart fashion tricks to stay always stylish 

If there is money in the piggy bank and you desperately want to make a change in your style, then here are some smart tricks to spend less, and gain more! At first give your jacket an instant lift with a simple cinch around the waist. True, this trend isn’t new, but it sure does gives your accessory game a major It-girl vibe. Wear a single statement earring and automatically you will upgrade your look. A  structured bag is an it spring trend. I am sure that you can argue that an all-white outfit always feels chic and fresh. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good mini, but an elegant, long hemline can read more polished and expensive. Say yes to a pair of knit trousers—we think you’ll love them. Trend causion: You can leave it unbuttoned. An extra long and large shirt is always a piece that makes your outfit to look a bit more expensive.

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Overdo it with your jewlery

How to wear your rings, necklaces, bracelets…, keepers and loosers!

Chains, pendants, layering, leather, pearl, locks,  feathers and more trends are here for you. It’s time to get creative with your jewellery and the way you wear your rings and not only. Dainty just won’t do. And bling just isn’t in anymore. Yes, it’s about making a “statement” but not in the solo, one-piece sense. Personalize your style and be a combination between a bohemian and a elegant lady, who knows what she wears and why.  Play with the shapes and colours, mix silver  and gunmetal, have fun and update your image without even trying enough.




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Mismatched earring trend

Match them or seperate them

It has happen to all of us and sometimes it has been a way to flert with somebody. Wearing earrings is a fashion habit, which totally upgradesyour look and gives a hint of your personality. That’s why when we lose an earring, we act like a huge catastrophe took place. Dior has the medicine to this feeling, which is the mix and match trend. Don’t throw your singles ones way. If they are heavy, baroque style, wear them on their own and if they are medium size match them with an other single one. Let your imagination create the best combination!

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Earrings, your favorite accessory

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Hot earrings for this Fall

Earrings enhance your sexuality and your personality, because they tend to reveal a part of you that is so feminine. Every woman that wants to make a statement with her outfit picks the best pair, either that is crystal pendants or boho influenced earrings, or our favorite pearl with a rather modern attitude. The stud is for the rock ladies and so are the layered ones. Even though they seem like a small player as far as an outfit goes, they can actually transform an entire look, for better or for worse. To fall on the first half of that phrase, we’re looking towards our most beloved (and highly fashionable) celebrities like Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen, and Rihanna.