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Top6 beauty trends

Be bold…be beautiful!

Let’s start the countdown…every woman wants something new and this year has definitely new things in the make up world.

1.Gothic lips

2.The rainbow colored eyes

3.Focus on the lips..and not on the eyes

4.Pastel and bright pink lips

5.Graphic black

6.The bigger the better…add some color on the lashes


Beauty, Color, next best thing, Spring/ Summer 16, trends

“Juicy” up your face

The perfect beauty cocktail by Lancome 


Summer is upon as, but Spring has officially arrived! As soon as the sun goes up, the only thing that we think is color. That is why Lancome Paris created a magnificent product that can be used in multiple ways. A “shaky” lip gloss for juicy lips, cheeks and eyes.

This shaker softens your lips and makes them look irresistible. It comes in 13 shades with one limited edition shade, 400 mint to be. These super fun lip glosses are great to apply on the go, whether you are doing a high intensity gym class, out for brunch with friends or catching up at the coolest new bars, Juicy Shaker won’t let your lips down! So…what are you waiting for? Shake it off!!