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Looks to try on February

Let your coat do all the talking

Fancy coat with casual clothing

Huge scarf as a coat

Choose brown over black color

Change your boring laces with bold colored

Match your coat color with your shoe color

Silky maxi skirt and oversized turtleneck

Slim fit boots and oversized dress

Wear your shoulder bag as a crossbody

Mix and match interesting colors like Olivia

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Love to hate shoes

The sandals you will find everywhere

I have to tell you the truth, I own a pair of the following slides, and even though that many people look at them and almost laugh at them, i like them. We read at that this trend is mentioned as “ugly”. Furry slides are one of the most loved/hated trends of the season, which is why we were surprised the style has the lowest stock (in the shoe department that is) on the fast-fashion site right now.

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Do it like Beckham

Elegant and luxurious accessories 


Victoria is making the biggest style departure with her new line, as she is clearly championing furry totes and clutch bags for next winter, but wearing them now!

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New style..for the Fall

Our wishes came true…from the “Paranoia” fashion genie 

A magnificent revolution is happening at this moment, since the Paranoia collection launced the stores. The greek brand did it again and this time it definitelly exceeded itself! Mysterious, sexy, stylish and must have pieces are here to capture us and our everyday outfits.

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Bomber jacket passion


From day to night, the bomber is your statement piece

olivia palermo

It is still on…and seriously you need one. You can find it in every budget. So what are you waiting for? Get inspired and ry to find the one that can be matched more with your clothes.

My personal favorite looks

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It feels cozy to me

Easy ways to really “feel like home”

From hanging curtains against the wall, to darker colored walls. Light a fire, cuddle in your sofa and feel loved in a place that hugs you, as soon as you step in.




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Do it like a blogger

The hot trends universally 

The following looks are an inspiration on how to create unique outfits that are universally pleasing to a number of disparate crowds at parties. From statement boots to easy sweater-and-jeans combinations, these gals officially have it in the bag.

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Faux fur and fluffy moments

The it pieces to cover yourself with style and bohemian attitude

faux furry friends

The trend that screams…“Look at me!” From striped fur stoles to pastel furry coats, designers are using fur accents to give everything from silky eveningwear to ladylike jackets and added ooph of luxury. This piece that comes in different length and shape, takes over our outfits and upgrades our image in 1,2,3. My personal favorites are the creme fluffy jacket and the long shaggy vest! This hot fashion item, has it’s roots in the 70s, when the ladies matched them woth big round colorful sunglasses!


This jacket/ coat/ vest can be matched with an outfit in the same color, like a total black look…or a grey one, since grey is the new black.

If you want to add a touch of elegance and chic-ness then you have to purchase one in the color of white, creme, or soft pink.

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Devil wears…fashion trend!

Dress up like a fashion editor but save your money at the same time

Women need to change and enhance their wardrobe, but they all don’t have the way to do it. Thankfully there are some clothing brands that can make our dream looks to come true, by spending money that even a student can afford.


Any street style addict knows that fashion editors and bloggers have the ultimate look, and every shot worths alot of copy paste looks. And while it’s fun to admire their constant stream of fabulous outfits, sometimes looking from afar just isn’t enough. Sometimes, we want to take cues from these ladies and infuse their sense of style into our own wardrobes. The problem? We’re not all given access to the latest designer pieces and—even if we were—we don’t all have the budget to scoop them up. That’s when a gal’s gotta be resourceful.


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Sophisticated, elegant and provocative trend

Faux fur shearling coats…the stylish hairy coat that keeps you warm

It’s a huge trend, even though it adds volume to your body, at the same time it captures the sights, as it is something classy and different, which for sure keeps you warm. You can find it in different colors, but the best one is the chic white. It’s a piece that can be wore in every occasion.

A small taste from the Spring collection

spring faux shearling coat

Even the baby girls can be as stylish as their mommy is…

faux baby

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Faux fur all over fashion


Be my “fur” lady!

Our new obsession in outerwear is faux fur, but the trend doesn’t stop at coats!  Jackets, sweaters, vests, gloves, dresses, shoes, boots, scarfs..fur is everywhere. There are tons of super-stylish faux fur options out there, which you can purchase in reasonable prices. We have to add  a tip for the synthetic process, which is used, it keeps getting better and better, but you still have to take caution because they aren’t always 100 percent synthetic.