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Rose gold madness

Our favorite summerish color 

We just love the glory and the warmess that happens when you match something rose gold. Whether that’s on our favourite pair of sandals or as a pleated skirt, we can’t get enough of it as it’s perfectly romantic for those lazy summer days. Check out some inspirational rose gold moments and enhance your creativity of your style.

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What a fashion girl’s car should have

Ten things that you need in your car 

A fashion girl needs to be prepared for every occasion. From the chloe ribbon to add romance in your hairstyling, to a pair of flats and sneakers to rest your feet. A mini steamer to avoid wrinkles in your dress and a picnic blanket to have fun with your loved one.

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Be a fashion i-queen

Top 10 stylish tech accessories 

From Motorola’s gorgeous smartwatch that’ll help you locate your driver to a solar-powered phone charger that’ll come in handy in between shows. Check out the most most -have fashionable gadgets.

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Embroidered pieces

Extravagant bohemian styles

The trend wants the things to be a little bit more extravagant, more embellished, more embroidered, with more craftsmanship and texture. The trend is not new, but it will be huge the next season.

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Summer gadgets

Stay nice and cool with the best gadgets of this summer 

Summer’s all about unplugging at the beach, not tinkering with new gadgets. However, it’s come to our attention that there are some seriously cool tech toys on the market right now that can actually make the coming months more fun.

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