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Hip..ster your wedding up

Vintage ideas for hipster weddings 

From the bride and the groom to the wedding cake, there are plenty of creative and interesting ideas. Sit back, relax and make your choices for a romantic- vintage and eventually alternative wedding, that everyone will remember.

Take a look of Jennie Garth’s (star of Beverly Hills 90210) vintage-boho- hipster wedding


Geek-chic style

Put the shades on you

It’s a major trend the last years, since we discovered the term hipster, which comes into male and female. I am not going to analyze who is who, the only hipster item that i am going to talk about are the geeky glasses. Since i am one of those geeks, i have to say that i am glad that i am not any longer a minority. Let’s take a look of some interesting shades, that will totally upgrade your style and with the right outfit will give you a fashion editor look or the classic and elegant secretary look.