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Ice- ice…cream baby

My favorite matching

These colors just make you crazy…since the wake up your romantic side and are a perfect match with the bronze color that you won from your vitamin sea adventures.

Easy match but with a twist
Casual work look
Matching colors and prints…bold and beautiful
Sloppy and fabulous…like a wannabe Carrie Bradshaw
Yay or nay to the “daddy sandals” by Chanel

It’s Greek, it’s new…it’s mine

Top6trends meets Fluox new mobile 


My fashion accessory just arrived and i am so happy for it. This greek smart phone, dazzled me from the first moment i posed and took a selfie. Besides the┬áexquisite quality of pictures, i have to say that it’s easy, it’s quick and fully equipped with the latest market trends. What are you waiting for?

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Fall for the best millefeuille

Back to our bases…back to Konstantinidi


Fall has arrived and so have our sweet traditions. The luxury pastry shop Konstantinidis, isn’t just a place where you can taste the sweet-ness of life, it’s your pastry shop, where you can find your favorite and significant pastries.┬áNothing changes in Konstantinidis, since the history of it (started in 1920), tends to evolve and enclose the secret ingredients of tasteful memories.

Try the marvelous chocolate pie, the millefeuille that is made step by step in front of your eyes, the kadayif ice cream. You will also be addicted to the all kinds of chocolate-related sweets, besides the award-winning ice cream and of course, the one of a kind millefeuille.

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Top ice cream choice!

Summer tasteful choices by Konstantinidi 
konstantinidis ice cream

Summer is the time of the year where, ice cream and sweets are first in our list! Our favorite traditional pastry shop Konstantinidis, is the place to be. The place where you can find all kinds of chocolate-related sweets, the award-winning ice cream and of course, the one of a kind Konstandinidis millefeuille. Vote for the madagascar vanilla ice cream and the biscuit ice cream on the stick, we did and we loved it!!

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Sweet stops in Passarella

Summer fresh stories…to smile for

passarella pastryshop

From fashion cupcakes to playful birthday cakes and from fruity tarts to cheescakes and ice creams. Summer pleasure in the top model of taste, Passarella pastry shop!

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Fooding around

Nosteagia…fluffy ice cream waffles┬á


Nosteagia┬áin Uk┬áserves ÔÇśPuffle WafflesÔÇÖ with a variety of delicious toppings. The beauty of them is that you donÔÇÖt get the same heaviness of the batter you do with regular waffles and theyÔÇÖre served in cones for ease of handling.

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