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Brush your teeth & dazzle with the whiteness

Ready for the glare smile? 

glaresmile colors

The first toothbrush that automatically ensures the correct brushing technique in just 10 seconds, saving time, improving oral health. You can brush your teeth easier and in a more productive way. Did i mention that you can connect glaresmile to your smart phone, in order to check your children’s daily cleaning and also you can send the statistics to your dentist- now that is something new!


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Innovative makeup concept

3ina cosmetics 


The concept took two years to develop and was formulated by Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve, when they noticed a trend in consumers wanting “an experience away from traditional retail formats. This new project offers a different approach to beauty-producing products with a quick turnaround, making it easily accessible to consumers.


Highlights include the 3ina Pen Eyeliner with up to 12-hour wear, 3ina Longwear Lipstick, 3ina Matte & Smooth Primer, 3ina Eyes & Lips Make Up Remover and a collection of nail polishes.