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Scandinavian interior style

Be minimal, be stylish 

scandinavian interior

The simplicity that runs in the scandinavian style houses, is something that everyone would be jealous of. White and black details, white walls, clear lined furniture, geometrical influences, soft splases of color, floor rug and greenery touches in your space.

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Sneak pick on Calvin Klein’s house

A fantastic beach home in Miami

Calvin Kleinis is selling his Miami beach home for a cool $16 million. Take a full peek into its beautifully minimal Axel Vervoodt–designed interiors. Awash in bright whites punctuated by rich wood tones, the tranquil space is a serene waterfront escape.

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Interior trends

Scandinavian touches in the deco world

We all want our houses to look something like the following photos. The thing is that we sometime overdo it, and tend to loose our house identity, by mix and matching to many trends. From the blackboards, that they will always have a place in our…home, the new “scandinavian” trends remind us to love the grey color, the blue and the glorious white. The wooden effect, which is spotted in chairs, walls and tables is a touch that gives warmness in our nest. Embrace the graphic calendars, the tape, the tents, the slatted walls and the classy big paper lanterns.

Some of the following are Ikea and H&M products