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Fantastic birthday cakes from Cremona

A pastry shop you just can’t stop going to for every occasion 

Since 1976 Cremona pastry shop and catering, offer us one of the best tasting experience, since if you visit it once, you will immediately become a fan. From the inspirational birthday cakes for your loved ones, to fresh sweet shots..that come in a glass and are just amazing. Cookies, traditional greek sweets, chocolate pie and so many amazingly tasty sweets. Don’t forget the ice cream, because believe me, it is something you have to try! So what are you waiting for? Here you will find a rich and meaningfull variety of sweets and ice please do so!

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Luxurious and playful collection

Exclusive designs from the one and only Sophia Webster

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Sophia Webster this Spring is taking us under water with signature silhouettes decorated in vibrant energetic prints. Artistic designs, chunky platforms, soft- pastel coloured gems and mermaid influences, co- created an amazing collection.

More accessorizing

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Dreamy backpacks for kids & teens

Unique backpacks for every age
All parents love their kids. They are ready to do anything to make them feel happy. They care so much about their happiness and welfare. They want to teach them values and principles that would benefit not only them but the world as a whole. Therefore they make them go to school and be educated. At school, the kids face many obstacles. Their parents do their best to make their kids love school or kindergarten.

Here are the top ten backpacks that took all of these elements into consideration.