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October looks

Just to inspire…we’ve selected some outfits for now 

The power suit, the plaid blazer…the turtleck, the monochromatic look are some of the trends that you will fall for this October. Embrace the combination, long dress and your precious adidas pair.., say yes to layering and play with vibrant colors on your accessories.

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The crop top trend

Zara shows us how to pull off this trend 

Check out the crop tops, that you can find in your favourite store

You can match them with boyfriend jeans, if you want a more loose look, with high raise jeans and a blazers, for a more sophisticated look. If you like playing with your clothes, than follow the layering path.

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Layering in necklaces #6

Put your necklaces into layers

Pin up your plain t-shirt, with an interesting move. Buy different kind of necklaces, or pendants, simple, fancier, with pearls, diamonds or crystals and start putting them in layers. Layering necklaces totally throws me for a loop. I find it to be one of the hardest fashion skills to master, so in a somewhat self-motivated move, If you struggle with the skill as well, scroll to check out a breakdown of the components of five well-executed layered looks and everything you need to replicate your favorite combination. Take a look of the looks…they are chic, stylish and inspire us…!

The leaf is a trend that we still love to match it.

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