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Best waterproof make up

Look your best during summer time

When summer comes, you manage to look vibrant and shinny, until your foundation melts away…and that doesn’t look as you requested. The best waterproof products according to are here and you are about to check them out and try them.

About the eyes

About the foundation and blush

About the lips

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“Juicy” up your face

The perfect beauty cocktail by Lancome 


Summer is upon as, but Spring has officially arrived! As soon as the sun goes up, the only thing that we think is color. That is why Lancome Paris created a magnificent product that can be used in multiple ways. A “shaky” lip gloss for juicy lips, cheeks and eyes.

This shaker softens your lips and makes them look irresistible. It comes in 13 shades with one limited edition shade, 400 mint to be. These super fun lip glosses are great to apply on the go, whether you are doing a high intensity gym class, out for brunch with friends or catching up at the coolest new bars, Juicy Shaker won’t let your lips down! So…what are you waiting for? Shake it off!!

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Innovative makeup concept

3ina cosmetics 


The concept took two years to develop and was formulated by Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve, when they noticed a trend in consumers wanting “an experience away from traditional retail formats. This new project offers a different approach to beauty-producing products with a quick turnaround, making it easily accessible to consumers.


Highlights include the 3ina Pen Eyeliner with up to 12-hour wear, 3ina Longwear Lipstick, 3ina Matte & Smooth Primer, 3ina Eyes & Lips Make Up Remover and a collection of nail polishes.

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H&M beauty products

Stylish, creamy, covering and easy to use products

700 different make- up products will arrive fall this year to H&M stores worldwide. The new collection will replace all existing H&M beauty products. H&M currently focuses on affordable clothes for men and women with collections coming and going at record speed to keep shoppers entertained and always wanting.

H&M beauty products

H&M’s beauty product will have two subcategories: a premium line and an Ecocert-approved sustainable products.

The beautifully packaged range, which will be stocked in 900 stores worldwide and online, promises to include beauty bag must-haves such as pillar box red lipstick, black kohl eyeliner and a skin-flattering bronzer, as well as playful nail colours.

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Beauty tips

Useful tips according to pinterest 

1. With an illuminating pen you can fake ore even fuller, natural looking pout.

2. Heat your eyelash -curler with your hairdryer, in order to give to your lashes a more permanent bend.

3. Place a piece of scotch tape at the corner of the eye, and you will have a perfectly defined mess- proof edge.

4. Get rid of lipstick stains.

5. The spoon acts as a shild for your skin, while you seipe on mascara.

6. Put orange and red lipstick over dark circles as a base for concealer.

7. Dust on a pair of baby- prowder after your first coating of mascara, so you will avoid clumps.

8. Mix coffee grounds with some coconut- oil and create a cellulite scrab, so you can massage the problem areas.

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