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Top 6 make up trends

The fall is here…and the trends are waiting

Vampy lips and baby lips

Spider lashes

Golden details

Color combinations

Smoky lids

Creative cat eyes

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Orange fusion

The ultimate color for this summer!

I have to admit that this color wasn’t my favorite, but as i get used to it, i wonder why i never gave this color a chance. Well this season, you will have to give it a try, since it is a warm color, you just have to find the hue that matches your skin.

Crochet and fringes


Skirts,  suits and dresses

Bikinis and short skirts

Oversized sweaters

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Summertime beauty

Make up ideas for the best season of the year 

Orange lips, two tone eyeliner, gray lips and yellow mascara are some of the trends of the season.

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Best waterproof make up

Look your best during summer time

When summer comes, you manage to look vibrant and shinny, until your foundation melts away…and that doesn’t look as you requested. The best waterproof products according to are here and you are about to check them out and try them.

About the eyes

About the foundation and blush

About the lips

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60s atittude in your eyes

The dot eyeliner trend 

We have seen this trend again and as i can recall it was somewhere between 2011 and 2012. It’s a bold beauty trend, which gives a theatrical touch in your looks. The dot eyeliner has slowly infiltrated our Instagram feeds, runways, and, most recently, celebrities’ lids (Emma Roberts and Zoe Kravitz). So, are you ready to give it a try?

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Top6 beauty trends

Be bold…be beautiful!

Let’s start the countdown…every woman wants something new and this year has definitely new things in the make up world.

1.Gothic lips

2.The rainbow colored eyes

3.Focus on the lips..and not on the eyes

4.Pastel and bright pink lips

5.Graphic black

6.The bigger the better…add some color on the lashes


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Erre due Christmas look

Celebrate, Love and Feel absolutely beautiful 


Festive make up with sparkle details and glossy shades! From the precious add a little shine in  your look, to the lovable and favorite fresh illuminator and the sheer lipstick! Choose the best and shine without even trying that much.


Join their facebook page, so you can be always awared of every make up event. Let the make up artists do all the job for you!


To glov or not to glov?

By all means…to glov of course

The new make-up removal routine that has millions of followers around the world, since it gives you the opportunity to have a healthy and shiny skin without trying hard. GLOV fibres have a very special shape, which allow them to cleanse your skin in the most effective way.
The cross-section of the GLOV fibre looks like a star. GLOV fibres trap impurities, dirt & bacterial in their star-shaped groves. GLOV fibres penetrate the micro skin structure and leave it perfectly clean.

It’s easy, it’s convenient and it removes make up until you say 1,2,3. You can use it for 3-4 months and it comes in different shapes, for the eyes and for the face. Give it a try and you will be for sure satisfied.

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A make up line for it girls

Cosmetics and skin care collection by “Milk”

milk makeup

Maybe you are going to wonder who is “Milk” and why we need to know this new line. Milk, the bicoastal “cultural hub” and creative media company that works with fashion, music, photography and film clients. This brand  just launched a tangible version of what its vision of “cool” means. 85 new products are launched in and in

Milk girls are cool and do their make up quick, everything can be applied with bare fingers and every product can be carried in your bag. All of the products are “as natural as possible,” according to the team. The products themselves are inspired by art supplies and Muji, the beloved NYC art and stationery store. Prices range from $10 for blotting papers to $38 for facial oil.

You can find them in 50 Sephora stores on March 15.

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Halloween looks #2

Trick or treat?

This is the month of creative disguises, it’s like a pre- carnival party, in which you can pick the character you like, and make him/ her alive again.
Rather than spending tons of money on a corny Halloween costume that you’ll only wear for one night, why not let your creative side show and make your face the main attraction to your costume using some clever Halloween makeup.
Take a look and get inspired. Think out of the box, put on a role and upgrade it with some accessorize.