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Exelia Cosmetics

An evolutionary range of skin care cosmetics


Nature and science has been united and created small miracles┬áto expand our youth and protect our skin. Besides having the proper diet in order to have a better skin and look more beautiful, you need the ideal “helper” to give the best chance for your looks. Organic olive is the main ingredient in this new line. The products created are face care, eye area care, special care( hydration, revitaling and firming serum) and cleansing and toning

exelia cosmetics

Always care for the others!┬áThe prevention and early diagnosis of three major threats to the health of todayÔÇÖs women, namely breast cancer, diabetes and eating disorders. For every product that is sold, 1 euro goes for the above causes.

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Nature is beauty

Fouka Organic Cosmetics 

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For the last year this greek brand has made itself important in order to preserve or repair our beauty. We first used them when our Cherry Box arriveds, and at the first minute we knew that something evolving and new is about to happen.

Organic products for longlasting youth, for body sculpturing, for cellular regeneration, for colllagen synthesis, for anti wrinkle, brightening and so many more organically based beauty products that are made exclusively for your needs.

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A life treat from Naxos

Organic Islands herbal tea and more


Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades and it is well known for the goods they produce, such as cheece, potatoes and more. It is a blessed place, with creative people and fertile land. That is why we are not at all suprised with the uniqueness of the Organic Island Herbs and Plants. They are a selection of exceptional quality, aromatic herbs, which are organically grown.

As soon as you open the first well designed box (you can also use it to decorate your house and fill it with amazing senses), the scent that comes out is unique. The collection includes Kraft and Silver Series single herbs such as oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, hyssop, pennyroyal, lavendar and lemon balm;

Cube Series includes great blends of herbal teas such as Euphoria (Lemon Balm, Thyme, Lemon zest), Fantasia (Sage, rosemary, orange zest) Nostalgia (lavender and thyme) and more;

Bronze Series Food Herbal Blends such as Epic (oregano, thyme, lemon balm) and more; and a uniquely Greek sweet called Loukoumi, an Organic Herbal Delight with rosemary, sage, pennyroyal, and lavender.

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Nature in your home

Handmade home perfume, ideal to make as feel calm and clean
It’s all about design, chemistry and quality, that is why Ast products aren’t at all ordinary. The pharmacist Asterios Asteriou treats our senses with the best organic and natural way.┬áIt is sure, that as soon as you test the Ast products on your body, you will become a huge fan, since they moisturize and soften our skin, and at the same time leaves a fresh, unique and special scent.
Home products
Besides the body and face products, Ast created home products. Three different products-codes. The first one is obsolete wood with black candle and it looks like an old flask in a chemistry lab. The second one is more romantic, with blackboard paint and white candle. The third one is the more industrial, with a touch of rust in the wood.

The above are home perfumes with clean cotton fragrance that last for 6 to 8 months, in order to keep you home fresh and clean! At the same time the enhance the scent and the style of your home. They are made
of wood and look like a rust industrial and vintage instrument from a pharmacy lab.

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