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Sofia Kokosalaki launches jewellery

The cool and edgy creations of a greek fashion goddess

The collection, comprises earrings, cuffs, upper-arm and wrist bracelets, pendants and rings with secret compartments, is crafted from wrought Grecian gold, gold-plated silver and freshwater pearls.

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Layers everywhere

The popular trend on instagram…

Besides thw clothe-layering, and the hair-layers, from last year we embraces the jewlery layering, with pendants, and not only. This year we witness the same trend, that is also extensioned in the rings and bracelets.

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Overdo it with your jewlery

How to wear your rings, necklaces, bracelets…, keepers and loosers!

Chains, pendants, layering, leather, pearl, locks,  feathers and more trends are here for you. It’s time to get creative with your jewellery and the way you wear your rings and not only. Dainty just won’t do. And bling just isn’t in anymore. Yes, it’s about making a “statement” but not in the solo, one-piece sense. Personalize your style and be a combination between a bohemian and a elegant lady, who knows what she wears and why.  Play with the shapes and colours, mix silver  and gunmetal, have fun and update your image without even trying enough.




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Layering in necklaces #6

Put your necklaces into layers

Pin up your plain t-shirt, with an interesting move. Buy different kind of necklaces, or pendants, simple, fancier, with pearls, diamonds or crystals and start putting them in layers. Layering necklaces totally throws me for a loop. I find it to be one of the hardest fashion skills to master, so in a somewhat self-motivated move, If you struggle with the skill as well, scroll to check out a breakdown of the components of five well-executed layered looks and everything you need to replicate your favorite combination. Take a look of the looks…they are chic, stylish and inspire us…!

The leaf is a trend that we still love to match it.

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Statement necklaces #6


How to wear them?

They are certainly a trend for a while, but we never stop loving them, since necklaces are the best way to complete a successful and amazing preppy outfit. Every season is right for them, so please do embrace them! Whether you are up to your job, or you are going out for a date, thery are your answer to fascinate everyone around you, without even trying alot. Stop wondering, what to wear…go to the next level by embracing this huge and lovely trend. They’re such an easy way to dress up something simple, and can be worn in so many different ways. But because they make such a, well, statement, these pieces of jewelry can sometimes feel a little intimidating. Style tips ahaid ladies…!

1. A casual graphic tee becomes more dressy as soon as you pair it with a glam, sparkly statement necklace.

2. Neon, neon, neon…A neon necklace with a gray top is an awesome unexpected twist.

3. Break up an all-black ensemble by adding a large statement necklace.

4.Wear a bib necklace over a high t-shirt so that it almost looks like part of your top. Vintage and stylish…it’s a total yay!

5. Overalls are back! Update them with a large, colorful statement necklace.

6. Attention: Don’t be afraid to pair a bold necklace with a bold pattern.