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90s are back

The trends from the past..have arrived again!

Nine trends make a huge comeback. We already had the chance to buy some of them last year, but now they are ready to seduce us for one more time.

1. Backpacks 2. Choker 3. Calvin Klein underwear 4. Velvet clothing 5.Neutral colored mules 6. Mini textured skirts 7. Mom jeans 8. Button up overalls 9. Crop tops

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How to wear your overall

Interesting and seductive ways to match your denim overall

A must have piece than can be balanced easily from a casual to a chic appearance. You can match it with sandals, suede booties and platform loafers.

The tight denim overalls, are sexy and grungy at the same time. If you match them with oversized blouses, fedora hats or classic brown belts, you will create a 70s style.


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Interesting outfit-ing moments

Check out some of the looks in the Paris Fashionweek

Some are new, some our old, some are classy, some are sassy. One thing is for sure, everything comes around in fashion. Glossy leather-ish pieces, thick cuffed denim, booties with laces, pleated skirts, culottes, monochrome outfits and many more trends are waiting for you to mix them up.

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It’s all about overall

All in one pieces 

From day to night, from business to pleasure, from date to wedding guest, this is your top choice to make a statement and to gather the looks.

From fighter pilots to technicians, this season, designers took inspiration from the world of industry, to create fashion-forward utilitarian looks. Swapping the warehouse for an art gallery the jumpsuit is set to be the uniform for the chic and sophisticated next season. Denim, patterned, structured, polka, shimmering, laced,  white, black, floral…it is sure that you can find a jumpsuit that goes along with your personality.

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Overall combinations

Denim all over the Fall

The trend started from last Spring and it keep on walking in our wardrobe. Awesome stylish designs that you can match them with all star or heels to make an outfit that tou can commit to from day to night. We have to inform you that this trend did a comeback since it was huge during the 80s and 90s. The overall originally was designed to be worn over or under another layer of clothing to make an extra protection while you are wearing it.