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Precious stones for precious women

Women are always in a quest seeking to find the most stylish thing to wear, that combines uniqueness, style and a fashionista atittude. Mano libera, “liberates” us and gives us the choice to find bracelets, earrings, necklaces with crystals, filntisi, beads and semi precious stones.

First step is to find your favorite designer, which most of the times creates a one of a kind thing, since it is handcrafted. The second step is to place your order by visiting the following instagram profile.

Visit the instagram page and order with a personal message

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Only 4 your eyes

Trending shades for Spring 

We searched and found 3 unique designs that will definetely charm you, since they combine style and economy. Make your statement and purchase them now! Edgy eyewear, with flat lences and cut out endings.

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