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Picasso’s museum is back

201410-hd-picasso-museum-interior-hall 201410-hd-picasso-museum-interior-painting

In Time for Picasso’s Birthday, His Paris Museum Is Reborn

The Musée Picasso Paris is set to reopen in the 17th-century Hôtel Salé. With all the delays and debate surrounding the 43 million-euro renovation, we’re thrilled to get a first look at the sleek new space that marries the building’s historic character with a clean, streamlined interior. The redesign has added 13 new galleries, expanding the museum’s footprint to 3,700 meters square—a fitting size for a museum with such a fantastic collection of the master’s works. While the exterior retains the Hôtel Salé’s stone façade and slate roof, the interior has been modernized, with clean lines, white walls, and a curving staircase. The museum will reopen on October 25, Picasso’s birthday. From November through June 2015, monthly programs will highlight themes in Picasso’s work, starting with the body and eroticism.