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Top 6 items for the summer

The most pinned trends 

To help you sort through the noise, the folks at Pinterest put together a report of the top fashion trends for summer 2017.

1.Denim skirt

2.Straw totes bag

3.Statement one shoulder thing

4. Embellished slides

5.One piece swimsuit

6.Sun- kissed millenial pink

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Beauty tips

Useful tips according to pinterest 

1. With an illuminating pen you can fake ore even fuller, natural looking pout.

2. Heat your eyelash -curler with your hairdryer, in order to give to your lashes a more permanent bend.

3. Place a piece of scotch tape at the corner of the eye, and you will have a perfectly defined mess- proof edge.

4. Get rid of lipstick stains.

5. The spoon acts as a shild for your skin, while you seipe on mascara.

6. Put orange and red lipstick over dark circles as a base for concealer.

7. Dust on a pair of baby- prowder after your first coating of mascara, so you will avoid clumps.

8. Mix coffee grounds with some coconut- oil and create a cellulite scrab, so you can massage the problem areas.

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