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Eyewear trend for 2017

The colors that dominate the eyewear world 

In terms of colors, dark tones dominate the season. The top trendy glasses are painted in tortoiseshell colors, which is the king of colorways. Black, brown, clear and red frames are also very popular

Gold metal glasses

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Tartoise shell shades

Clear glasses

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Blue green trend

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Clubmaster browline glasses

Round glasses two toned

And for sunglasses the bearcat


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The best cuts a girl can get

Upgrade your face with the perfect haircut 

According to Byrdie, the following cuts are the perfect fit, depending your face shape. Some cuts just don’t flatter our face shapes as much as others do, and while we’re big proponents of wearing whatever style makes you feel confident and happy, we wanted to shed light on the different lengths and styles that best complement your face.

Diamond shaped and Square shaped

Heart and Round Shaped

Oval and long shaped

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“Happiness” arrival

Cool, modern and voguish shades!

Our eyes our captivated by the Happiness Shades 2015 collection. The beneficial sensation that is combined with great end style seems sensible, as each item looks exclusive and incredibly voguish. The curved sunglasses with the smart and happy name that came to style our face. The whole 2015 collection is full of rounded shades in various colors, prints and fabrics. Each design is simply amazing and unique.