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Gorgeous hair

Top products for amazing hair 

Besides using the rights shampoo and conditioner, you need to upgrade into getting the kind of bouncy, shiny tresses that turn heads on the street. You will need a full treatment that has to do with hair mask, living on conditioner, a mist to rehydrate, detangling spray, high gloss serum and more.

gorgeous hair

The above products can be found in Sephora


trends, Winter 2014/15

Sparkle in every occasion

Shine bright like a diamond 

Sometimes women need a limit up to their mood and the way that they usually acheive it, is by feeling sexy with theirselves and that happens when they wear something that really makes them feel better, beautiful and ┬áelegant. Every woman wants to capture the sight of other women and of course men. It’ like a┬ápsychology test, in which the better you look, the better you feel. We all know that we sparkle when me feel good in the inside, so sometimes when we want to cure our inside, we trick it, by helping our appearance. So it doesn’t matter if you have’t dress up “sparkly” during the New Year’s Eve, it’s never late, do it now. Sequined dresses┬áin every color tone are waiting for you.



Sparkle tips

Glam and style

You can shine during the holidays, by choosing shimmering make up, so you will achieve a glowing look!