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3 must have shoes

The 2015 shoe styles

Flat mules, white sneackers and platforms are the hits for this year. Comfortable, chic and elegant mules are easy to wear form day to night, from job to date. Stay away from the skinny stiletos (at least don’t wear them everyday), and say yes to chunky- heeled platforms or flatforms. Simplicity is the new elegance, so white sneackers are considered to be the best buy for 2015.

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Christian Louboutin’s spring collection

Spring breeze is coming to dazzle

Color fusion and glossy shoes are coming to trend up our outfits. Besides the pretty-prepy shoes, you also can find edgy platforms, cool sneackers and unique bag designs, clutches or everyday handbags. Even though we still are in winter mood, it doesn’t harm us to get a spring sneak preview! Enjoy!


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The man that knows exactly what women want

Dukas Chatzidoukas…this is a man’s world 


For this Fall and Winter Dukas is introducing to us “The Devilles”! His Haute Couture shoes, deemed luxurious and sexy, classified Dukas as a “subversive fetishist” by Vogue Italia. Check out the fashionable stiletto booties that are every women’s dream. As he quotes ” I always enjoy finding a little humor in fashion and Dukas certainly satisfies this humorous twist by replacing the traditional stiletto heel with a pair of fierce legs”.

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The Jeffrey Campbell effect

Exclusive looks

Since 2000, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes has been capturing the essence of the street; weaving it together with a vintage style and runway flair, creating a line of shoes instantly recognizable the world over. As a small, family owned company, the meteoric rise of the Jeffrey Campbell brand is the result of hard work and a true passion for design – a passion that is evident in every detail of every product that carries the name. Platforms, sneakers, booties, boots, sandals, heels and more are waiting to seduce you.


Men’s shoe of the day


The truth is that men do not have the opportunity to buy a lot of pairs of shoes to match an outfit. For women it’s easier to make a statement, or to dazzle someone, either by wearing fringe knee boots or heels and so on. For men although it’s more difficult to capture the interest of women, with their shoes, but if they make the right choice, they wouldn’t believe how many women they will attract. No, we are not so superficial, we just admire taste and when we find it, we reward it! You can find the shoe in Korinthos, in Studio 5. Vasilis will upgrade your wardrobe, with an elagant and stylish way.

Find it in: 5 Eth. Antistasis Street, Korinthos, Greece

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Unique shoes from Cinzia Araia

Shoes with strong personality! Would you?
Born in Venice, Cinzia began to work within the family shoe business and presented her first collection in 2010. Her shoes are the result of a personal vision, in which she combines different materials, splitting the soles and deconstructing styles, offering cutting-edge, hand-crafted shoes. She could be the next best thing, actually she already is, but not for the masses, but for people, who are more skeptical with what they where, and why.  Her designs are exclusive, passionate, dark and have a touch from the old days but with a deep modern vision. Track her online and witness her avant-garde leather boots and sneakers , which are hand made in Italy. Both men and women can purchase Cinzia Araia’s Collections.

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Fall for the Louboutin heels #5


He never stops amazing us



They put a spell on us, so me do everything to wear one of the little states of art that Louboutin designed for us. The story with shoes and women, started from Cinderella, ever since we heard the tail we believe that the right pair of shoes will lead us to success, either that is translated in happiness with your other half, or im every other field. Heels equal power and power is what the women of this century are indeed familiar with!


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Autumn style for men #4

Designer socks, trench and shearling coats, military and ship-skin jackets..are the men trends!

If you want to feel cozy and look masculine, then this outerwear design is the one which you need. What we do like about this particular design, then it’s the unique style, which gives its wearer and extra luxe and rich look. We have gathered various styles, starting from full-length to short versions, as well as mid lengths.

Styling tips: Switch up dress shoes for a pair of leather soled boots. Layering suits men to!

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Shoes for “sex and the city” #2

Shoes made by Sarah Jessica Parker
Back to where it all begun for Carrie Bradshaw- also goes with the name Sarah Jessica Parker. The coolest and most cosmo girl- woman…made her passion about shoes, her paycheck. Recently she was spoted to Carrie’s famous doorstep and she revealed her handmade SJP shoes. Interesting heels, with a sassy attitude. Manolo couldn’t stay apart from this idea, after all he owes her. That’s why the famius fashionista teamed up with Manolo Blahnik CEO, George Malkemus and the dream of a “simple shoe” line came true! Take a look..





Special thanks to SJP instagram and Pinterest!