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An evolutionary range of skin care cosmetics


Nature and science has been united and created small miracles to expand our youth and protect our skin. Besides having the proper diet in order to have a better skin and look more beautiful, you need the ideal “helper” to give the best chance for your looks. Organic olive is the main ingredient in this new line. The products created are face care, eye area care, special care( hydration, revitaling and firming serum) and cleansing and toning

exelia cosmetics

Always care for the others! The prevention and early diagnosis of three major threats to the health of today’s women, namely breast cancer, diabetes and eating disorders. For every product that is sold, 1 euro goes for the above causes.

brest cancer

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Natural creations by “theOliveSense”

Greek handmade soaps made with essential oils 

virgin oil

Greeks know the significance of oil in their life, that is why they also in a therapeutic way. use it The feeling of a clear face, body and hair…is something that you can’t negotiate. You only want the best when it comes to your beauty, that is why, you choose for your moistuirizing handmade and chemical-free products, which are all natural. “theOliveSense” creates soap bars prepared from extra virgin oil and other valuable vegetable oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, calendula oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, as well as herbs of Greek nature such as chamomile and lavender. They also use goat’s milk and honey (like Cleopatra did) and argan oil with silk.

This greek brand knows how to respect the skin, by protecting it with a tender and 100% natural way. All tbe products are perfect for everyday use, even for the most sensitive skin. Castile soap cleans gently but thoroughly with no irritating or drying, leaving your skin rejuvenated! It is ideal for the whole body (shampoo, bath, deep cleansing) .

Tip4men It may be used instead of shaving foam.

Tip4babies It is ideal for the delicate skin of babies and young children because it contains no chemical agent.

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