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Oil in lotion for radiant skin

Nivea nailed it again 

Summer is the time of the year, where your skin needs moisture all the time. Nivea created a new product, in which you will experience the indulging care of oils in a fast absorbing lotion. Three diferent scents, that awaken your senses with a delicate cherry blossom, with a sensual rose & argan Oil and with the calming vanilla and almond oil scent. This new product transforms dry skin into smooth, radiant skin and moisturizes deeply for 24h, without leaving at all a greasy feeling.



Revitalize your skin

Bio-0il our precious skin “helper” 

bio oil

We all want our skin to look perfect and when it doen’t we try to find the product that will make the difference and return us, our collagen, our youth and set the path to regenerate our skin, so it will become again perfect. Bio- oil is a precious “helper” that can be used to improve uneven skin tone, facial scars, strech marks and nourish dehydrated skin. My little secret is I use it for psoriasis,it does wonders!You can apply Bio-Oil to aid the prevention of stretch marks or improve the appearance of existing stretch marks. Using your fingertips, simply massage Bio-Oil in to the skin twice a day.Go to your pharmacist and ask for the new bigger bottle(125ml).Don’t forget girls,in the cosmetic field bio-oil is considered to have a touch of magic!

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Protect, care and glow

Pamper yourself with Nivea



Despite your gender, Nivea has the way to be a part of your life. It is an everyday beauty habit that shows how much important is to care about your skin.

With an emphasis of innovation and the timelessness of classic values that Nivea represents, it launches new products that have to do with deodorants, facial cleaning, body and sun protection.

Being therefore synonym of care for more than 100 years, NIVEA «time-travels» from generation to generation, bringing unique innovations in skincare.

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