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From Greece with love

The best bikinis, monokinis and more, made in Greece 

Greek islands monopolize our interest and out thoughts as soon as the summer begins. Greek designers carry in their designs tha colors of the greek islands and their inspiration seems to get better and better every year. Talented people, create beautiful wet stories. Let the countdown begin.

In 2015 the brand Stefania Frangista was launched . Every season Stefania drives her inspiration from a different location in Greece. This year her inspiration is Santorini.

Lila Lekka’s swimwear is a high-end swimwear brand launched in 2015. The use of textiles is here significant touch.

Tailor made clothing and swimwear with attitude from Detailors Athens

Jade V Tales has chic designs and brazilian cuts!

A  vintage touch from the amazing Elina Kordali, the chic and wonderful Madame Shou Shou swimsuits, need to be in our summer suitcase. A pin up goddess from the “Notebook”.

From tattoos, to swimsuits, meet Heartbeatink. They are for sure wild, dynamic and seductive.

V-Destination is a fresh brand on foreground with adorable swimwear, cover-ups and beach dresses! Great cuts and designs that upgrade your femade side.

Two best friends created the funky brand Sunsetgo in 2012. The girls breath summer and that is what the wanted to put out there with their collection.

Mariloo Katsoni, is the inspirational brain behind the Karavan brand. As long with her clothing, her swimsuits this year, have alot to say to us, since they have fresh lines and details that can’t be forgotten.

Swimwear in Greece are strongly related with a brand from 1946, we are talking about Crool. Every year they present something fresh and classy. Eleonora Meleti colaborated with them for this year and the results are sexy, sashy, sporty and exceptional designs.

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Ice tea cocktails

Refreshing tea cocktails by Lipton 

When summer comes, ione of the first pleasures is to drink your favorite cocktail by the sea, by the pool or on your balcony. Check some easy cocktail stories that need to make it on your list.

Take a shot of what can me made with Lipton Ice Tea

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Summer is still on

How to wear your summer clothes and at the same time create a fall look

  1. You know that your favorite pair of jean shorts or jean skirt, can be a piece that is all year around and you can combine it with boots, or sneakers and with bompers/ leather jacket or our lovable blazers.
  2. Suede is still on and we love it. It reminds us the hippie season.
  3. The linzerie dress can be worn with a white t-shirt or a jean shirt.
  4. White jeans still have their way to to conquer our fall looks.
  5. Cropped pants or jeans, are both stylish and elegant and can be matched with a blazer or our military trench coat.



Summer recipe

Grilled Watermelon & Feta Salad with Mint, Arugula & Balsamic Glaze

grilled watermellon with feta



Feta cheese (or other salty cheese like Cotija)

Mint – chopped

Arugula (optional)

Balsamic glaze (which is just reduced balsamic vinegar)


Olive oil (if grilling the watermelon)



Bring some balsamic vinegar to a boil & then reduce to a simmer.  In 20 minutes – my 1/4 cup of balsamic reduced to only one or two teaspoons of glaze – so boil down an appropriate quantity.  My quantity of glaze was sufficient for three little watermelon & feta towers.

grill them


If grilling the watermelon – cut it into large chunks.  You can cut them the size of a deck of cards or, as I did, use a large cookie cutter & create deep disks.  If you are not grilling – you can cut any way you like – including bite-sized cubes.

Heat your grill very hot.  Place the watermelon on a little olive oil & grill on that side – the oil side – for no longer than 2 minutes.  Do not overcook the watermelon or it will get mushy.


Place some arugula on each plate (optional) & top with the grilled watermelon, crumbled cheese, chopped mint, a drizzle of the glaze & some S&P.  Serve those bad boys up!

If not grilling the watermelon – you can just leave that step out or you can toss all the ingredients in a bowl – rather than creating individual servings.

grilled watermellon  dish