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The amazing Marc Jacobs eyewear collection

Sporty, glossy, metal, colorful and creative eyewear for the spring- summer collection.

As a designer, Marc Jacobs is renowned for his quirky and tongue in cheek approach to fashion and the collection of Marc Jacobs sunglasses for men are definitely reflective of this theme. Ranging from bold and statement cat-eye sunglasses to sporty goggle inspired frames and a selection of more sleek yet striking aviators, if you like to have fun with fashion, then men’s Marc Jacobs sunglasses are sure to appeal!

In Greece the Marc Jacobs brand is represented from Safilo Group

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Sunglasses chains

The summer comeback!

It happened last year, but now it’s even bigger. So hook onto your sunnies and rest assured you won’t sit on, or scratch, your favourite pair.


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Must have pieces

All the fashion girls need the following items

1.The sombrero hat

2. The bandana trend

3.The cat eye sunglasses

4.The straw bag

5.Statement earrings

6.The swimwear for this summer



Kaleidoscope glasses

All we need is love and heart shaped glasses 

Kaleidoscope Glasses are most popular among ravers and light-loving enthusiasts. These optics create wild rainbows and enhance light shows of all kinds. But they aren’t just used within the rave community! They are also trendy and serve as accessories or part of a fun costume. They can be used for parties, fireworks, 3D movies, festivals, lasers and more..!

Bye them here 

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The tinted sunglasses

70s style is back for the summer 

What is it about glasses with lenses hued somewhere between orange and yellow? My personal opinion is that they are cool and have a Hollywood touch. The tinted eyewear combine both the current good-taste-meets-bad-taste obsession with the naughties and the retro ’70s, the return of the sleazy-chic shades shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

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Eyewear trend for 2017

The colors that dominate the eyewear world 

In terms of colors, dark tones dominate the season. The top trendy glasses are painted in tortoiseshell colors, which is the king of colorways. Black, brown, clear and red frames are also very popular

Gold metal glasses

Buy them here 

Tartoise shell shades

Clear glasses

Buy them here 

Blue green trend

Buy them here 

Clubmaster browline glasses

Round glasses two toned

And for sunglasses the bearcat


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Top 10 sunglasses

Vogue said so!

From the urban heart shaped frame to round glitter Dolce Gabbana ones and from flat top Celine to new wave Saint Laurent. Make a choice…!

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Personalize your Dior glasses

Cutting edge style by Dior


I am telling you the truth, seeing the Dior shades, i just can’t stop thinking of them and as well, i can’t decide which one is better.


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What a fashion girl’s car should have

Ten things that you need in your car 

A fashion girl needs to be prepared for every occasion. From the chloe ribbon to add romance in your hairstyling, to a pair of flats and sneakers to rest your feet. A mini steamer to avoid wrinkles in your dress and a picnic blanket to have fun with your loved one.

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“Free” your fashion style

Clothing, accessorizing and more from an online boutique called Free People

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Stylish playful shades 

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Hot items every fashion girl owns

Our fashion-lust pieces


Luggage and sunglasses

Our favorite perfume

Trench coats

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1,2,3.. your look is upgraded

10 ways to change your look instantly 


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Anjo wooden eyewear

The wooden stories…are continuing

The best wooden sunglasses and eyewear are made in Cyprus from a 20something artist, Angelos Christofi, who knows exactly what we want. Anjo wooden eyewear gives you the opportunity to create your shades as you want, you can choose the color of the wood, the design of the frame and the color of the lences (100%UV protection). The moment you wear them you fall in love with them, because they are light and match in every face shape just like that.

Visit the site

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It is “so real” Dior

The expensive shades, all the it girls wear 

The huge trend of this season, besides the Wooden sunglasses(Anjo), are the So Real sunglasses by Dior. Take a look of the designs and the looks of the fashionistas.

The Dior So Real cost from 495-595$.


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Summer sunglasses

Classic and inspired sunglasses

Christian Dior, Celine, Prada, Ray ban, Fendi, Komono and Alain Afflelou….are some of the brands that need to be in your mind when you go for eyewear shopping.

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Customized wooden shades by Angelos

The next best thing… in the eyewear world

anjo eyewear


For sure the “wooden effect” is a trend that has conquered the world of accessories. We all loved the wooden sunglasses the minute we saw them in the optical store or when our favorite fashion icon wore them. Even though the wooden eyewear is a unique piece that we all dream to own, fasionistas couldn’t find the right pair that matched perfectly with their colours and their face shape.

The answer to those, comes from the gifted Angelos, who is a new talented designer, borned in Cyprus and studied in Greece. A creative designer that got inspired with the “Anjo wooden sunglasses”, during the last year of his studies. Angelo always had a love for wood, since he was born in an environment that everything was “soaked” from the scent of wood and that is because his father is a carpenter. The moment the idea hit him, he started to inquire and set his path to make his dreams come true. The “Anjo eyewear” effect is this years most promising choice in the eyewear world. The different and interesting part of these shades is that you can customize your own frame and lence (12 italian lences). The final touch that makes you rock, is that you can co-design them (in a way), since you can add your name, a special phrase or date, on the side of the frame. In this way you can have a unique and personalized classic piece that has your personal signature.

Angelo wanted to create personalized eyewear, with impressive details, strong personality, high quality and warmness…and he did it! You will be amused as soon as you wear them, since every piece seems to be made just for you. The layering of the colours of the wood and the final touches are so properly combined that you just gotta have a pair of the Anjo wooden sunglasses. 

Where can you find them? 

As everything that is unique and special you can find them in specific optical stores in Limassol (Cyprus) and in Karditsa (Greece). The easiest way is to like them in their facebook page, make your choice and send them your message.


Stay tuned…there is more to see

Check the facebook page Anjo wooden sunglasses