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Orange fusion

The ultimate color for this summer!

I have to admit that this color wasn’t my favorite, but as i get used to it, i wonder why i never gave this color a chance. Well this season, you will have to give it a try, since it is a warm color, you just have to find the hue that matches your skin.

Crochet and fringes


Skirts,  suits and dresses

Bikinis and short skirts

Oversized sweaters

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The sun goes…up

The yellow effect conquers the fashion world

The following outfits give you some tips and ideas of how you can style one of the hot color of the season. The yellow is a bright color that automatically changes your looks, since it is cheerful and eye capturing.

Check some wedding ideas 


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Cozy sweaters

Oversized knitted looks

Winter is the time where you can crate your style in a way that you look stylish but at the same time you feel warm. The oversized sweater is one of the most stylish winter wardrobe essential an it girl has to invest for this season. You can match it with many different ways so that you can create a casual chic look, that is appropriate from day to night. Either you are a boho follower or a romantic style, you can find your right color and create an elegant outfit.