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Retro trend

Vintage up your wrist 

retro digital watch look

Retro watches are having their moment since the last year. For sure we love to wear watches that are new and make a statement since they upgrade our style, but the following watches carry something from our childhood, or something that is familiar since we saw it in the 80s movies. So apart from the fact they’re being worn by street style stars, hipsters, and fashion bloggers, these versions have a different twist from the ones that ruled the 80s, but somehow they look better since they are styled with current pieces.



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Decorate your home..according to the neutral trend

Styling tips that change your nest 

1. Stample goods pillow is one of my favorite things in the haul.

2. The standard good bins are great for our office to organize our bookshelf.

3. If you have a counter, then you  need barstools for additional seating.

4. The round mirror could also be a choice for the bathroom, but it looks good in the living- room to.

5. The throw on your couch is from H&M, and it gives a nice touch in your place.

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Unique, brilliant, stylish and edgy eyewear

Giannis Haritos, is introducing to us the Paper&Paper (and wood) eyewear 

animal print design paper &parer

They are out there, you can find these fashionable handcrafted pieces in exclusive eyewear stores in Greece. The idea came from Spain and now it is spreading all over the world. “It” pieces  that upgrade seriously your look. All types of paper used are applied by hand, this makes each frame unique and unrepeatable.  Newspaper, comic, vintage, irrepetibles, eyewear for every style, that are made from recycled paper and wood!

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Just..leave your hat on!

The hat “DOs” for the hot seasons!

For this Spring and Summer you will witness some comebacks from last year, but also you will find interesting some hats that come from the 70s. From our beloved panamas, that are casual and ideal for fashionizers to cool fedoras, vintage inspired cloches, bucket hats, straw styles, floppies, knitted beanies, berets, visors, snapbacks and more.

Tip: Keep them bright, big and feminine. All in all, stylish hat is a must-have when it comes to accessorising your outfit

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