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Metallic skirts #3

Golden and silver metal of this Fall and Winter

Totally chic and shiny for awesome look! Yeah i know metallic is a little bit loud for some of us, but it is also a stylish choice, which will easily put you on the map, without having to think a lot, because you can just combine it with cool tees and sweatshirts, or if you want to be more fab you can team it with striped, or printed tops for a standout update. Keep it simple and you will turn up to be a real goddess!


A look to be remembered for:
Try to match it with leather jackets, vintage items, statement necklaces, slinky tanks and your favorite pair of stilletos.

IMG_6455.PNG IMG_6458 IMG_6456
Shirts are always a chic choice, so you can upgrade your look, for a special occasion.


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The eyeliner cat look #6

Beauty tips for eyeliner
The eyeliner can transform you from a Bridgit Bardot replica to Joker. This happens because we don’t have next to us everyday an make up artsit, instead we usually have shaky hands.

Use a business card and do the following steps.


The scotch tape trick
Cut a one-inch long piece of Scotch tape and press it to your hand a few times to dull its stickiness—this will keep it from tugging your delicate eye area.


Put your eyeliner in the freezer. Nothing is worse than melted, crumbly eyeliner. Help your trusty pencil eyeliner get back to its smooth, sleek state by sticking it in the freezer for 10 minutes—the tip of the pencil will harden and make applying so much easier.

The connect the dots trick
Instead of trying to create one long line along your lash line, draw a line of dots (or short strokes, whichever is easier), then blend them together with a eyeliner smudger.


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Shoes for “sex and the city” #2

Shoes made by Sarah Jessica Parker
Back to where it all begun for Carrie Bradshaw- also goes with the name Sarah Jessica Parker. The coolest and most cosmo girl- woman…made her passion about shoes, her paycheck. Recently she was spoted to Carrie’s famous doorstep and she revealed her handmade SJP shoes. Interesting heels, with a sassy attitude. Manolo couldn’t stay apart from this idea, after all he owes her. That’s why the famius fashionista teamed up with Manolo Blahnik CEO, George Malkemus and the dream of a “simple shoe” line came true! Take a look..





Special thanks to SJP instagram and Pinterest!

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In loved with the plaid shirts #6

dark-plaid-shirt-and-white-inner-shirt 90s-inspired-look floral-dress-and-plaid-shirt

How to…wear a plaid shirt

It is a rather familiar style that all of us have embrace it at least once, not it’s becoming massive and with strong personality. Besides the army style, the black and white combination, this is an all time classic trend, which you can find in different creative prints. Either you are a man, or a woman, it is always “a fall in love with the first sight” style.  Lazy or not, casual or not, hipster or not, fashion icon or not, chic or not, classy or not…everyone meets at this “street”.

gorgeous-fall-look jeans-and-plaid-shirt-outfit Plaid-and-Tartan-Shirts-2014-2015-For-Women-5-600x899

Check out these cool ways to wear a plaid shirt.

The ultimate lazy day street style combo that can make any girl look effortlessly cool is a plaid shirt and jeans. Add a pair of moto boots to the look and you have yourself a cool look that’s easy to wear, easy to pull off and even easier to create.

Leather skirt is a huge statement. Combine your favorite plaid shirt.

Don’t say no to hats, classic forms, pom- pom and knitted ones.

Fold it around your waste and match it with a leather jacket or a leather pants. Red color is leather pants…is an option that will definitely capture you.

jeans-and-sneakers-with-plaid-shirt polka-dot-skirt-and-plaid-shirt plaid-shirt-outerwear

Say yes to mix-matching With other prints – do an updated fall print on print trend and mix and match your plaid shirt with other pieces that have other print designs. Plaid and floral, for example, creates the perfect balance between a late spring and early fall look.

An all year look to wear plaid shirt is with polka dots or go all out on your autumnal look and pair it up with other checkered patterns.

white-pants-with-plaid-shirt Plaid-and-Tartan-Shirts-2014-2015-For-Women-4 plaid-shirt-as-layering-outerwear



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Skirts for the Fall in- trending 4

Strictly for females!
Many styles take there minute of glory for Autumn 2014. In the skirt field we have different length, shapes, designs and patterns, which are ready to find new fashion followers. Let’s have a preview of what we will see and wear.





Glamorous full designs, clean and sleek lines. You are going to see pencil, flared, full, pleated, full midi, fit and flare, etc. There are so many different offerings, colors and fabrics choices to choose from. Keep the silhouette elegant, so that it accentuates and emphasizes the skirt. Whether you’re preparing for work, cocktail party, date or a night on the town, you can rock one of these trendy, girly-chic updates. So, let’s take a look at this list of popular must-haves and how to wear them.




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Vaseline beauty tips in-trending 5

Pump up your look with vaseline

Have you ever thought that vaseline could be a such a multitasking tool, which can be your answer in a lot of things that worry you from time to time. We found 10 awesome and crazy uses for vaseline. Let the countdown begin.
10. Prep your skin before putting o. Your fragrance,vaseline makes the scent last longer.
9. If you want to make tour hair smouther then use Vaseline to tame frizz and seal dry split ends, and even to keep unruly eyebrows in place.

8. This one is a top one. Vaseline helps you remove make up stains from your clothes,as well as pillows and blankets (story of my life).
7.Apply Vaseline to your cuticles before polishing your nails to keep color off of the skin around your nails. You’ll get a perfect manicure—minus the clean-up.
6. This one is a secret that we all share. Turn any of your favorite loose pigments into cream eye shadow or blush by mixing them with Vaseline. You can also make a tinted lip balm this way.
5. This one is for the “natural lookers”.
Trade in your mascara for Vaseline. Smooth it over your lashes for a fuller set of dark, glossy eyelashes. Bonus tip: Vaseline also makes a great lash conditioner.

4. I have to admit that this is something that i wanted to do, but thought it was wrong. I am talking about polishing shoes. Buff a little Vaseline onto boots, shoes, bags, and any other leather goods that need polishing.
3. Good one for our expenses. Makeup remover can be expensive and tough on your eyes. Vaseline is an inexpensive option that easily and gently removes eyeliner, mascara, shadow, and even any eyelash glue that your falsies leave behind.
2. Make a scrub for your lips. Add a bit of sugar to your Vaseline to make your own lip scrub. Or mix it with sea salt, and use the mixture in the shower as a body scrub with moisturizing benefits.
1. Finally every woman’s need…tanning. Use a small amount of Vaseline on dry spots before applying self-tanner. It will act as a barrier, preventing streaks and stains in areas it would otherwise cling to. Apply it around the hairline before applying at-home color to prevent hair dye stains too.


After all thus fairly Jennifer Aniston shared her secret about vaseline, which is her favorite beauty product.



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Five fragrances to wear in-trending 5

The signature scent 4 beauty junkies
Seems like the minute we think we’ve found The One, a newer, crisper, sexier scent comes along. Our solution? Embrace the ever-changing perfume landscape and spritz freely. We’ve sniffed out a few of our favorite options—both old and new—sure to leave you smelling divine. A spray or two of these perfumes, and you’ll make a statement without uttering a syllable. Take a look to the 5 top scents and please do dare to try them!!






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It’s all leopard to me in-trending 1

Adventures statements
Which animal lives in your body. Sit down and relax and we will give you some hints. Leopard is always a statement for 2014-2015 it’s even more. Gorgeous leopard print clothing, which includes edgy tops, shirts, tops, dresses, bombers, jackets, coats, as well as leopard on leopard print clothing sets. Enjoy your evenings with friends sporting beautiful and modern fashion updates. Believe us, these eye-catching separates and ensembles will for sure prepare you for evening adventures. Some women think animal print is quite daring to wear, but listen, all you have to do is to try it once and you never stop wearing it in your daily life.

Say yay to daring mismatches and you will create your own fashion statement.
Do not be afraid of mixing up casual wear with formal pieces.





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Bobby pins in-trending 3

Make a statement with your ponytail!
This little pins are becoming our new best friend,since they help us lift up our everyday appearance,by giving to our hair character and also a romantic touch.





The first picture reveals a little trick about the bobby pins, who become sticky pins when you add hairspray on them and they give a better grip to your ponytail or whatever look you want to create.

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MK+us=love in-trending 1

Why we love Michael Kors?
Of course there are more then one reasons,because this fellow (amazing designer who started his career at thw age of 19) has captivated all the areas that women (we have to mention men to) are intresting in.
From coats and cloathing,to must have shoes and luxury bags, and from perfumes and nail polishes to jewlery and make up. It’s like he reads our mind and he translates our soul codes. He is gifted,talented and shares his wisdom and creativity also threw hia books.





Some of the photos are from his personal account in instagram and twitter

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Baroque beauties in-trending 5

Fall in love with baroque

“Baroque:  is often thought of as a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance, and music.”


Every season has its main trend du jour. The baroque style for one more time is vividly revitalized. Elegant, historical, sophisticated and classy.  The patterns for AW 2014 are decorative and ultra-detailed. Whether you choose longer-length embellished dresses in jewel hues for daytime, or ornamental and metallic co-ords come sundown, more is most def more right now. You don’t have to spend your hall paycheck to espouse the baroque philosophy, you can enhance your everyday style with interesting pieces, accessories. You can find simple baroque inspired tops and pants at H&M and J. Crew or your favourite retailer. Try and choose pieces that both match with your outfit and also speak to the uniqueness of the trend.

Discover fashion online



Baroque Cross with Pearl and CC Signature Earrings


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Poncho: in the center of attention in-trending 2

Warm it up

“Blanket” and poncho (all time classic) style is happening now…and you have to be a part of it! At first we have to highlight that it is warm and at the same time it puts you on the center of attention. Hairy fabrics, interesting shapes and imaginative patterns come along with this fashion trend

2919a873294e2b3e10b1ccf22baefae2 geometrical influences

blanckets_2850005a heavy, long, warm and stylish!


Get the look: Pair a statement poncho with skinny jeans, a cross-body bag, and flats for a thoroughly cool (and easy) ensemble.

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Denim it in-trending 5

Jean-ious statement

It’s something like the little black dress, but even more interesting and dazzling, because it gives you the opportunity to beat your better self, by creating a breathtaking look that would definitely put you on the fashion map. If you sense my apocalyptic tone…i am about to reveal you…the jean shirt, which has become our favorite “it” trend in our closet. The thing is that when you have it in the right color and shape you can dare plenty of combinations that are a little out there, but are so there, if you see it all together.


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The key to success in-trending 6

Charming key

Thankfully fashion never stops to surprise and even though me have sometimes huge comebacks, we also have some innovative and standout prints. For this fashion story, which you can totally adjust it to your style we have to say thank you to the duet of success Dolce & Gabanna. These patterns do stand out in the list of the trendiest prints for fall/ winter 2014-2015!


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H&M Collection in-trending 2

Super bowl time…in H&M

Invincible looks are about to be made from H&M and Alexander Wang X.The ad campaign, shot in London by Mikael Jansson, is looking very superhero-esque with supermodels Joan Smalls, Raquel Zimmermann, Isabeli Fontana, alongside sports superstars, Andy Carroll and  Rivaldino dos Santos. The collection will be available in November 6th!