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Sexy off the shoulder tops

Chic- elegant and stylish looks 

Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are undoubtedly sexy—they manage to show off an appropriate amount of skin and look flattering on every woman.


Top sandals of the season

Lace-up and colorful sandals 

Could you imagine something better to match with your favorite dress?

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Top summer looks

Breathtaking looks for sexy and stylish women 

Printed jumpsuits, white jeans and lace shoes in every color.

long vests, white skirts and metallic sandals.

Sexy dresses, distressed jeans and elegant espandrilles.

Chloe and channel bags, clutches, adidas shoes, laces and suede details.

Total white looks, boho twists in our looks and different ways to wear lace shoes.

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The talented Mr Pilotto

Vibrant digital prints  by Peter Pilotto 

Peter Pilotto, the London-based womenswear label best known for its vibrant digital prints.  Since 2007, Peter Pilotto, the London based label has been steadily growing their business and garnering a loyal world-wide clientele. This organic growth has proved resilient – so much so that the company has recently expanded and moved into a new spacious studio in the East end of London where Joyce was fortunate enough to conduct the interview.


Ancient Greek Sandals, known for its classic, timeless shapes and smooth, foot-friendly leather, Peter Pilotto, known for the brand’s colorful, graphic designs and soft feminine silhouettes. The result: the shapes you know and love made all the more dynamic by multicolored printed leathers, silicon flowers, and strapped panels in hues straight from the Mediterranean (to the knee or mid-calf), with pops of cobalt, orange, and lime green inspired by vintage pinball machines and board games and contrasting black-and-white designs

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Summer prints

Fashionable fabrics and unique designs 

This summer’s prints are all about contrasting textiles and patterns which can be used in a symmetrical way. Two other prints that have drawn the attention of fashionistas around the globe are theartwork print and the graphic/geometric print. I’m guessing it’s not that bad to literally wear famous paintings on your clothes, transforming them into fashion masterpieces and increasing their value. Gingham, polka, ethnic, animal, stripe prints. Fusion fashion for memorable stylish statements.

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Happy to receive this beauty – box 

When gifts arrive at your doorstep, the only thing you can say is “aleluia” someone finally read my mind. When this box is filled with beauty treats, well then you are happier and more overwhelmed. Cherrybox is a global phenomenon, that is the answer in every woman’s prayers. We all have different needs and sometimes we overdo it when it comes to our looks and our beauty. We tend to buy stuff that are not the right for us, just because we saw a comercial. Cherrybox tests and thinks for us, before we do. Cherrybox conducts beauty investigations and makes some choices in products you have to use, or you have to know about them. That is the main philosofy of Cherrybox. So the only thing you can do is to become a member and every season, or every month to welcome at your doorstep small beauty trends, that are the next best thing in the cosmetic and beauty world. The box comes to you with 6 to 8 products that are customized for you. You can select from lifestyle to beauty products and in travel or regular size.  Check the webpage for more info about each product, since in these boxes you will find little new treasures.

Extra tip: It is a perfect choice for men and women.

Gift idea: You will become the best friend of everyone, if you choose cherrybox as their present.

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How to style like a “superstar”

Match your adidas and forget your heels 

Sporty chic look is here and you can pull it right, if you get inspired with the following looks! Make the difference!

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Trends to embrace this summer

Fashion styles you have to adopt 

Matching sets, remind us something of the 70s beloved looks, that are still a huge trend of the summer. Jumpsuits, in every color and every style, are a safe choice to make as statement, without trying too hard. Platforms are the pair of shoes that is absolutely a must have of the season, since you can match it with almost everything. For closure we have the easy slip on dresses, that are elegant and are ideal for women who don’t have extravagant curves.

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Alisa Kovtunova is introducing ARTBURO

Personalize your bag 


Exclusive hand printed Hermes bags. Artburo gives you the opportunity to co-create a little state of art that you can carry everywhere you go. Either you are a fan of the Birkin bag or the Kelly bag, you can choose and customize with a unique way your one of a kind bag. It is sure that fashion changes all the time, but for a women it is significant to own statement pieces, that are all time classic, and create a fashion trend. The Birkin Bag and it’s equally coveted predecessor, the Kelly Bag are handmade in Italy. Birkins are fitted with gold or palladium hardware to prevent tarnishing because these bags last for a long time.

The photos are by Anna Avramich

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Hashtag is the new trend

Celebrity style trends 


The “#” symbol is well known to the social media world. This symbol states the trends, so it was only a matter of time, till it conquered the fashion world. Take a look of the rising trend!




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Do you know you are stylish?

Check if you are fashionable by instict 

Above we are highlighting high-concept styling moments that only fashion people, understand. Some you may already incorporate into your daily ensembles, while others may spark new inspiration. So, if you wake up in the morning and you wrap your belt in a different way, or if you are a master in layering different pieces, then you must seriously consider that you are a fashion icon. Besides the above we also have to add that adding linzerie as an outwear style, is also a fashion statement. Make bold fashion moves, but never wear something that you don’t feel confident with it.



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From beach waves…to beach braids

More braid looks… 

We foound the rising trends in Instagram, since this social media is here to serve up some major beauty inspiration. We’ve pored through hundreds of accounts to bring you the best #summerbraids, perfect for newbies and braid masters alike.

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Beach selfie

Beauties in the instagram 

According to Vogue the following photos represent the summer queens of instagram.

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Anjo wooden eyewear

Handmade stories from very talented people


Top6trends conducted an investigation and found the best handmade wooden eyewear.


Anjo wooden eyewear are made in Cyprus from Angelo Christofis. He is a talented 20 plus artist, who creates wooden stories, and keeps them personalized, since you can “create” your own frame from scratch, by adding the lence you prefer and select the colour of the wood that suits you better.

Easy, comfy, stylish and unique…that is how we can characterize this handmade shades.



Besides wearing sunglasses, it is a perfect choice for the one’s who wear eyewear because they need to.


Wooden glasses are a jewelry, that make a statement and capture at once the sight of everyone that puts an eye on you.


You can write anything that you want in the side of the frame, from your name to a date that is significant to you.


Angelo studied in Greece and you can find his eyewear in specific optical stores.


As everything that is unique and special you can find them in specific optical stores in Limassol (Cyprus) and in Karditsa (Greece). The easiest way is to like them in their facebook page, make your choice and send them your message.


Like the page in facebook and make the first move to own them

We want to thank Vasilis Michopoulos, who is a multi-talented artist. Check his handmade art in his facebook page

We also want to thank Zoe Kompitsi for her amazing handmade jewelry

For the gold, silver, colorful tattoos we want to thank Agnes collection.

For the location we want to thank Zafolia Hotel in Athens.

Finally we want to thank the popular greek brand Paranoia, for the clothes.


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New age watch

How to celebrities style their apple watch 

i watch

Everyone from Vogue editor Anna Wintour and supermodel Karlie Kloss to Katy Perry have been spotted wearing their apple watch. It has become a trend, since it combines the high technology with “something old”, since it reminds us alot of the 80s retro watch collection. It is stylish, it is useful, it can be personalized…so it is up to you, take it or leave it!

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Retro trend

Vintage up your wrist 

retro digital watch look

Retro watches are having their moment since the last year. For sure we love to wear watches that are new and make a statement since they upgrade our style, but the following watches carry something from our childhood, or something that is familiar since we saw it in the 80s movies. So apart from the fact they’re being worn by street style stars, hipsters, and fashion bloggers, these versions have a different twist from the ones that ruled the 80s, but somehow they look better since they are styled with current pieces.



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How to style your army jacket

Our favorite statement piece 

Even though it is summer time, the army jacket or vest is a safe choice for the chilling nights. Take a look of the following styles and try to find the best way to match it with your looks.