The Big Fat Greek Lesbian Wedding

When you witness pure love, the only thing you can do, is stay still and admire what is happening in front of you. Our two beautiful girls, found each other and everything felt right. Giota and Sophie inspired us as they walked down the aisle, being sure they made the choice that will make their heart feel bloomed.

Life is a roller coster, so you need to find the partner that will be there for you at your lowest and your highest in order to reach to your destination, your Ithaca!

Everything was perfect at 6 o’clock on July 27th at Ktima Xatzi in Anavyso

The details, the Bridgerton during the ceremony, the laughters, the love, the beauty, the fantastic food, the cocktails, the breathtaking view, the looks..everything was just amazing for this special day!

The wedding had a theme..summer chic!
Feel free to get some interesting ideas from the best dressed Greek goddesses and gods stunning looks! Sequined dresses, bandage dresses, pop colors, metallic fabrics, shimmering outfits, interesting patterns and all time classic black and blue.

Beautiful moments to cherish our big fat Greek family love!

Party time…dancing queens and kings all around the dance floor.

Our precious Dimitri is always in our hearts, thoughts and mind! Giota and Sophie wanted to honor him by donating money to a school for charismatic children. Thank you 🙏

May your love be always vibrant and strong as you both are, because you managed to find each other and have an amazing Greek and Jewish wedding in Greece, with so many beautiful souls being there for your day!

Special credits to the photograph wizard

Stelios Koutroumpanos