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Teams always win

Moschino X Sephora 

One of the coolest high-end clothing brands Moschino is teaming up with Sephora for its first beauty line. Moschino is well known for its eccentric designs that include cartoon characters and other childish symbols. 7 beauty products will be released and they will be quite affordable, since nothing in the line will be over 70$.

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Best waterproof make up

Look your best during summer time

When summer comes, you manage to look vibrant and shinny, until your foundation melts away…and that doesn’t look as you requested. The best waterproof products according to are here and you are about to check them out and try them.

About the eyes

About the foundation and blush

About the lips

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Gorgeous hair

Top products for amazing hair 

Besides using the rights shampoo and conditioner, you need to upgrade into getting the kind of bouncy, shiny tresses that turn heads on the street. You will need a full treatment that has to do with hair mask, living on conditioner, a mist to rehydrate, detangling spray, high gloss serum and more.

gorgeous hair

The above products can be found in Sephora


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Get ready for an “avant premiere” look

Dreamy brows from Benefit 

We are so happy we luxuriated the beauty services fron the Benefit girl Glykeria, who welcomed us in Sephora. Every girl needs the beauty specialist, who will introduce you with the secrets and the beauty tips that fashion and style provokes you to follow. Scedule an appointment and get ready to feel like a princess as they will find the right brow shape for your face and the proper product that will promote your strong features and cover your flaws.